Things to Do in Kanazawa During Winter

Kanazawa is located in Ishikawa Prefecture, it can be reached easily by Shinkansen from Tokyo. Kanazawa is a beautiful city with lots of heritage and traditional building, and also modern art museum. By the size of the city, some of the tourist spots can be easily reached just by walk distance, and I recommend you just to take a walk when you want to reach your destination in Kanazawa, because you can enjoy the city atmosphere and the nice weather. 
One of the best time to visit Kanazawa is during winter, because you can enjoy the beautiful snow covered view, and here are some suggestion for things to do in Kanazawa during winter
  • Skiing
Skiing is one of winter sport to do, if you never play ski before, I recommend you to go to the ski sport right away! Ski is mingt be difficult for first timer, but it's something that worth to try during winter, because it was so much fun. One of the ski location in Kanazawa is at Mt. Iozen, you can reach the place by bus, and many tourist already know this place, so you mingt be seen some tourist in the bus. But don't worry, even though this place quite famous, you can still enjoy learning and playing ski here.
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  • Exploring the traditional side of Kanazawa
There are so manya places in Kanazawa that capture the beauty of traditional Japanese and its beautiful history.

First is Kanazawa Castle, this castle is located in central of Kanazawa, and this place is quite huge, there are some parks inside the Kanazawa Castle area. I used to lived near the Kanazawa Castle area, so I like to come to this place in the evening, and an amazing thing that happened when you come to Kanazawa Castle in the evening is you can se hundreds of crows hanging on the trees or in the park inside the Castle, it mingt be something that worth to see, it's a little bit creepy but it's amazing to see hundreds of crows.
Kanazawa Castle

Second is Kenrokuen Garden, Kenrokuen is one of Japan's "three most beautiful landscape gardens" alongside Mito's Kairakuen and Okayama's Korakuen. Kenrokuen is located next to Kanazawa Castle. When you come to Kanazawa during winter you'll see there are ropes hanging on the tree, it's called Yukizuri or it's called hanging snow, it's to prevent the huge amount of snow on the tree that can damage the tree.
Kenrokuen Garden

Third is Nagamachi District, Nagamachi is also famous as Samurai district, you can see beautiful Japanese traditional houses here, and it's located in Korinbo area which is very near with Kanazawa castle, and you can come here just by walk after visiting Kanazawa Castle.
Nagamachi District

Fourth is Chaya District, there are three Chaya Districts in Kanazawa which are Higashi Chaya District (the most famous one), Nishi Chaya Disctrict, and Kazuemachi. Chaya District is a place where there are an exclusive type of restaurant where guests are entertained by geisha who perform song and dance. Even though you didn't come to the restaurant you can just enjoy the beautiful architecture of it.
Nishi Chaya District
And fifth is Ninja Temple or Ninja Dera, this temple called Ninja Temple because it has a complex architecture and there are manny hidden rooms, doors, stairs, and windows. This temple looks like 2 floors building, but actually it is a 4 floors building with 7 layers internal structure, because in the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate prohibited a building hinger than 3 floors. You can come to this temple by previously make a reservation, you'll get a nice and detail explanation during the tour in the temple, the guide will be speak in Japanese but they'll provide you an english book so you don't need to worry if you don't understand Japanese.
Ninja Temple
  •  Trying Authentic Food and Drinks
Trying the local food is a must for every tourist. There are lots of option to try when you visiting Kanazawa, like Ice Cream with a touch of gold, Melon Pan, Wagashi, various kind of teas, ramen, sushi, etc. And also my favourite things to do during winter is to bought a warm drink from vending machine, Japanese is famous with it's vending machine, so bought a warm drinks during winter is a must!

Japanese Vending Machine

I hope this article is useful, so happy planning your trip to Kanazawa!

Ana Amalina