Gotta Catch these Instant Noodles

The Pokemon fever continues in Japan.  Although Pokemon has continued to be popular in Japan since its original release decades ago, it has witnessed a resurgence as a new generation has been brought in with Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun/Moon, and the recently released Pokemon movie.  Other Odigo articles have highlighted the major event that took place in Yokohama as well as other product placement in things like McDonald's McFlurries, but the most recent one I've encountered is with Sapporo Ichiban Instant Noodles, who now offer...


Sapporo Ichiban doesn't have the brand popularity that Nissin's Cup Noodles enjoys, but its collaboration with Pokemon is sure to move it up in competition.  The recently released the Pokemon Noodle comes in two different flavors (soy sauce and seafood), but the standard is the Soy Sauce flavor (not unlike your basic Cup Noodle). 
The pack looks like this...
...and it is available at most Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. 

So other than the unique packaging, what makes this thing worth purchasing?  Well, the flavor is almost exactly the same as cup noodle, but it's billed as a healthier instant noodle choice.  The product is boasts more vitamins and supplements than your average Cup Noodle.  But perhaps the main draw will be the collectible seal that each cup has inside. 

Here's the one I got with mine... 

FullSizeRender (24).jpg 2.91 MB
I come from the Pokemon Red and Blue generation, so I couldn't tell you who or what this Pokemon is (can someone clue me in at the comments section below?), but it is one of 22 variants included in Pokemon Noodles.

Just like any other instant noodle, the process to make it is simple: peel back the foil lid, add hot water to the line inside the cup, cover the top back up, wait a few minutes, and voila!  Still, not to be outdone, Pokemon Noodles give the consumer a little extra (instagrammable) treat inside with mini Pikachu! 

So there you have it...

...Pokemon instant noodles.  If you are a Pokemon fan or just a traveler on the go in need of a quick snack, I say zehi, give these noodles a shot!

Mike B