Osaka Castle

K3nny 's Osaka Castle Day

Saturday is a nice day to visit Osaka Castle.
I reach there around 12pm.
It a Sunny day and it quite hot when you go to Osaka on September.
The place was big and you can see a lot of people enjoying themselves at the Park.
It take about 10 minute to walk from the Osaka Business park Station.
Once you come out from the Station , you have to walk few minute and you will saw a bridge
You will see a big River before you reach the Osaka Business Park.

At the park , people are doing Extracurricular activities
Some are training their children play baseball
Some family like to picnic at the park.
Some group of teenager , gather together and do some activities such as below
1.jpg 4.15 MB
Under the Sun , They insist on Doing the dance perfectly
This is the Culture of Japan.
I fully respect them on this kind of attitude.
2.jpg 10.36 MB
A lot of Tourists gather around to enjoy the dance even it is under the Sun.
They are and look Professional.
The Dance is beautiful together with their song , it included all the Japanese Culture.
3.jpg 10.27 MB
Reporter come from every place to enjoy this moment. 
6.jpg 9.68 MB
Finally, here I am.
Osaka Castle, Beautiful View...
Beautiful Lake... 
i walk around the lake and i can feel the peaceful.
now i understand why Osaka people want to reconstruct the Castle.
Beside of the Histories, there is a place which can gather all the people together and a place to have a rest from a tiring working weekday.

YSK Kenny