Weird Japanese Snacks and Drinks - Would you try it?

The Land of the Rising Sun has always proves itself to produce over-the-top , verging-on-absurd snacks. Over the years, Japan has come out  with wacky and absurd creations. While some have stood the test of times, some faded to be limited edition treasures. It's no wonder that Japan is the mad scientist of the snack world with its flavor combinations that defy the norms of snacks usually eaten and cuteness that are totally off the charts. Below are some of the wackiest Japanese snacks and drinks that can be found on Japanese convenience store shelves.

1. Moko Moko Mokolet (AKA... Toilet Candy)

This weird snack is all about building a plastic toilet, fills it with fizzing candy liquid and then drinking it. Sounds weird, right? But surprisingly, quite delicious.

2.  Pepsi

Pepsi is all the rage in Japan. Of course, you can find all the normal flavor in Japan, but you can get some weird ones too. E.g. salty watermelon? Ice cucumber? Pepsi seems to be quite experimental with its new flavor in Japan. Apparently, Pepsi in Japan has even came up with seasonal flavor drinks.

Japan's first ever Sakura Pepsi released on March 2016 ( 3. Mountain Dew Cheetos

For those of you who loves Mountain Dew and Cheetos, well, this is for you. A 2-in-1 package is good... right?
Maybe it is worth a try ( Eel Soda

One of the weirdest snack creation of Japan will be the Eel Soda. For those who loves eel, well, maybe you can try this. This taste like . . . well . . . no surprise there, BROILED EEL.
freakingfruits.wordpress5. Curry Lemonade

What a combination this is. Curry AND lemonade??!! Well, let's all embrace the fact that somewhere in this country, someone probably had the guts to swig this curry flavored lemonade. I wonder, during the time that this product is marketed, did someone stop and say " Hey guys, isn't this product really strange? . . ."
Japan's "Wonderful" Curry Lemonade (, these are just some of Japan's weird snacks and drinks. Would you dare to try it? 

P.S. : if there are any other weird snacks or drinks that you have tried before in Japan, feel free to comment below and share it with everyone else how it tasted ^_^

Yvaine Yvonne