3 spots in Tokyo to grab a photogenic drink!

Photogenic food and drinks tend to draw in the customers - people want something that not only tastes delicious but looks the part, too. Here are three fun drinks that you can get in Tokyo that definitely up the ante on creativity for beverage presentation!

Electric Bulb Soda

Sometimes, creating a photogenic drink can be as simple as changing the vessel you serve it up in! Electric Bulb Soda did just this, putting their tasty beverages in none other than lightbulbs! They have a range of different drink flavors, each priced at 700 yen - from green apple soda to caramel, coffee and matcha milk flavors. They're located in the Harajuku area, which is one of the most creative spots in Tokyo when it comes to fun food and drinks - and definitely a great spot to just wander around and people watch.
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If you'd like to stop in at Electric Bulb Soda, their location details are on the map below.

Franze & Evans

Franze and Evans are located in Tokyo's trendy Omotesando area, and one of their signature menu items (and one of the most popular!) are their Eton Mess Pavlovas - that they then place on top of a shake. Since Franze and Evans originate from London, it's no surprise that they've managed to incorporate one of England's favorite desserts into a drink! And don't worry, they give you both a straw AND a spoon, so that you can enjoy it all without it ending up everywhere. There are loads of delicious food options here too, so it's a good lunch or dinner spot if you're craving something other than sushi or ramen during your time in Japan.

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Want to get one of their Eton Mess Pavlova shakes for yourself? The map details are below.

Elle Cafe

Yes, that's Elle as in Elle Magazine - they have a cafe in the Aoyama area of Tokyo, which is appropriate given the high fashion nature of that part of the city. Their smoothies topped with fruit are the stuff that dreams are made of. The prices for the smoothies are a little eye-watering (1800 yen a pop - about $16 US dollars right now) but considering they're big enough to constitute a meal in itself it can be justified a little. They do also have plenty of food options at Elle Cafe too - their menus can be found at the link here.
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Want to stop in for a bite to eat and an epic smoothie? The map location is below.

Enjoy Tokyo - Happy Drinking!

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