What you must get at McDonald's right now! Fall 2017

There are some things that you should definitely get at McDonald's right now because they only sell them for a limited time! 

One of the most popular menu during fall time of the season is Tsukimi burgers!! There are 3 kinds of Tsukimi burgers: Tsukimi burger, Cheese Tsukimi burger, and Mangetsu Tsukimi burger. I ate the mangetsu one because the buns that they use is different from one other Tsukimi burgers. They use butter and creamy flavored buns and because it's steamed, it's very soft! And also, it comes with a round ham.
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This is the shake that is very new, it's Chelsea caramel flavored shake. Chelsea caramel is one of the popular caramels in Japan. There might not be Chelsea caramel shake next year so if you have a chance to go to McDonald's in Japan, you should definitely hurry to get it!! And if you order small size, it'll come with this special cup! But hurry, there's only limited number of this cup!!
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And lastly, there's Yuzu flavored sprite drink! There's the regular Yuzu flavored drink and float. I got the float(sorry this is not the pic I took!) and it was very good! McDonald's sells this drink every year but you should definitely get it because you never know when they'll stop selling it!! *Yuzu is the type of Japanese orange.
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picture is from https://www.google.co.jp/amp/dtimes.jp/mcdonalds-thukimi-burger-2017-report/amp/

Enjoy!! :) 

Mai Oga