Only in Japan: Coca Cola Coffee Plus!

Japan is famous for its weird snacks and drinks and love of limited editions, every now and then I find new flavors of soda (soft drinks) and the Starbucks limited edition drinks is a chapter of its own. In March the Coca Cola Plus with added fibre was launched, which didn't spark my attention. But in September the company released the new Coca Cola Coffe Plus and I got excited!
The Coca Cola Coffee Plus. 190 ml
What is Coca Cola Coffee Plus?
Well, its actually exactly what it sound like. A coke with added coffee. Canned coffee is super popular in Japan and since it is also quite tasty, a mix of coke and coffee is an interesting experiment. The Coca Cola Coffe Plus looks just like regular coke, it is fizzy and has the same color but the small 190 ml can contains 34 milligrams of caffeine. Its not clear if it is just a limited edition beverage, but it sure is special.

Where to get the new coke.
Coca Cola Coffee plus is only being sold in vending machines (at least initially) around Japan. But don't think you can just go out to any vending machine to find it. No, so far, it is a rare find. Going to the actual Coca Cola vending machines is a good tip but personally I went to over 10 of those and neither sold the new coffee beverage. My recommendation is to look in all vending machines you happen to pass by, especially the Coca Cola ones, and to go a bit off the beaten track. I was able to find it in a vending machine at the grounds of a shinto shrine in my city!
After searching for I while I found it in a vending machine at a shrine!
How about the taste?
I really liked it! It tastes like a caramel coffee cola (ok I made that up), you can strongly taste the coffee and the cola at the same time, and it is fizzy which I like. It is definitely worth trying if you can find it, and make sure to stock up if you do try it and like it. Since you don't know when you will find it again.
Best enjoyed very cold! (You don't need ice, it is really cold straight out of the vending machine too).
Have you been able to find the new coffee cola?
What did you think? If not, would you like to try it? Let me know! Tips to our readers on actual locations (preferably in Tokyo) to help find it is also welcome. 

The Coca Cola Coffee Plus is allegedly also available in Australia. 

Johanna Forsberg