The best latte art in Tokyo is at a car showroom?

If you're a coffee lover and also a fan of latte art, you might be skeptical to hear that some of the best latte art you're ever going to see is at a car showroom. Specifically, it's at the cafe of the Nissan Crossing Boutique store in Tokyo's Ginza area.

Have you ever gone to Starbucks or other chains where they ask you what your name is when you order, and write it on your cup? You've got to worry about them getting your name wrong, or possibly being unable to pronounce it when they're calling it out (and you're left awkwardly wondering if that is actually your name that they're yelling). Well, you won't encounter that problem here, because you can literally get your face as latte art on your brew. Confusion be gone!

The drink orders at Nissan Crossing are made via a touch screen on an iPad, which is simple - you can take your picture and submit it (and there are instructions in Japanese, English, and Chinese - easy peasy). Then a matter of a minute or two later, your drink is ready, complete with the picture you chose to have it adorned with. 

You might be wondering just how they get the intricacy level on these drinks - well, it's literally like a printer, that prints the image onto your drink. Maybe not as impressive as the by-hand latte art, but it's pretty neat being able to get a truly personalized cup of joe!

And hey, if coffee isn't your jam at all, you can always check out the cars there, right?! There are some incredible vehicles on display!


You can find Nissan Crossing at 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (and their website is here) - they're definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and after a truly unique latte experience!

Enjoy Tokyo, and Happy Travels!

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