Reasons to Visit the Japanese Countryside

            To me, the country side of Japan is the heart—the true Japan that I love. Don’t get me wrong, the city has tons of fun things, but you can really see Japan through the countryside. So, why should you go?


            Of course, for anyone who enjoys nature Japan has many gorgeous places to see. Aside from that you never know what kind of sights you will see as you’re on your way to somewhere in the countryside. You could pass a beautiful field of flowers—or maybe a cool, blue flowing river from the mountain. Plus, the best part is the nature is not crowded typically, because they are not well known places.


            Japan has some of the most delicious and fresh seafood that I have ever had. The food in the city is delicious, but the you will stumble upon some fresh and delicious local specialty in the countryside, whether it be a fresh, local caught type of fish, or even a type of flavor created and enjoyed in that area. Plus, the restaurants in the countryside are more likely than not family owned restaurants and you can see more Japan through that kind of lens.

Gifu's Ayu


            For me, cities seem pretty identical, regardless of where I am at. The people seem pretty similar too—busy, in a rush. In the countryside, meeting people is so enjoyable. The pace seems slower and the people seem friendlier. Meeting a Japanese grandma in the countryside is one of my favorite experiences. 


            In the cities, sometimes the culture is a little harder to see because of pop culture. In the country side, you can see more of the typical culture, and sometimes even have cultural experiences. You can see a lot of history sometimes in the country side as well depending on the area as well. There are some unique things you can experience in the country side that you just can't experience in the city.

Squirrel Village in Gifu Prefecture (Unique, but not necessarily cultural)
            So what are you waiting for? Visit the country side and have fun!

Lacey Gerdes