Top 10 Beauty Products at Japanese Drugstore 2017 (New)

Pampering skin is one of our everyday Must Do especially ladies. Many ladies intend to visit Japan for buying Japanese beauty products. But why Japanese drugstore is so famous in the world? Japanese drugstore is located everywhere, thus, it is very easy to find both classic and the cutting-edge beauty products across Japan. They have variety of skin care and cosmetic products at inexpensive prices in drugstores. Therefore, drugstores are great place to buy beauty products.
Let’s us check out top 10 recent popular beauty products that you can find at drugstore.

1) Flow Fushi Mote Liner Eyeliner: Soft Brushes & Pigmented
Flow Fushi eyeliner is Japan bestseller Cosme number 1 eyeliner product in 2017. This is multi-functional eyeliner that provide premium application. It comes in 4 different colours such as black, brown, brown black, navy black and cherry cheek. What is so special about this eyeliner? It a brush. Brushes are from a Kumano brush maker made by hand instead of machine-cut which is very thin yet dense and soft. The octagon-shaped body that fits the fingers which is easier to apply. The colour is super pigmented and long lasting. 
Price: 1,500 yen
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2) Dejavu Finewig Mascara: Paint-on-false Lashes 
Dejayu is popular cosmetics in Japan as well. It is established in 2001 and specialized on the development of eye makeup products. Dejayu has launched Fiberwig Mascara which has sold over 40 million which is also Cosme number 1 mascara in 2016 and also is Dejayu recent best-selling product. The features are the paint-on-false-lashes, brushes, smudge-free formula (stay for up to 24 hours) and easy removal. In addition, they provide nature and moisturize ingredients and unique fiber-rich film formula. When you apply the mascara, the fibers will adhere to every lashes and lengthen with every swipe yet remain silky-smooth. 

Price: 1,500 yen
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3) Nivea Rich Care & Colour: Rich Moisture 
 Nivea launched this Rich Care and Color product at the end of year 2016. This product also best-seller product in Cosme since launched. With rich moisture and sheer and glossy pigmentation, it’s bring your lips more shine, lip care and attractive colour. This is because it contains beauty essence such as avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil for lip nourishment. It also contains SFP20 PA++ to protect the skin from UV rays. It comes in 3 different colours such as sheed red, french pink and smoky rose.
Price: 1,120 yen
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4) SUQQU Designing Color Eyes: Smooth & Pigmented 
 SUQQU has launched new Designing Color Eyes palettes in January after discontinued their best-selling Blend Colour Eyeshadow. The unique colours has won eyeshadow category at Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2017 for the half of the year.  They come out with more eyeshadow quads with shimmer and mattes textures. This palette consists of 4 shades such as highlight, nuance, accent and deep colours and available in 5 colour sets as well as limited edition colours like Yuushakuyaku (01), Hikaritouka (02), Benimiyabi (03), Ayanadeshiko (04), Aoshizuku (05 – spring edition), Yoibeni (06 – autumn edition) and Sumizakurairo (101). Overall, the quality of powders are so smooth and pigmented. For me, it is easy to blend the colour more nature. 

Price: 6,800 yen
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5) Opera Lip Tint: Semi-Matte Shine with Squalane
 You may not have heard Opera brand before. Opera brand focuses on cosmetics that bring out natural and mature look to ladies. Opera lip tint rouge is popular and won the grand prize at Cosme Best Cosmetic Award in 2017 for the half of the year as well. This tint gives you more natural look with a semi-matte shine. It keeps your lips firm in colour and moisture without feeling sticky at all. 6 colours are available in the market such as red (01), pink (02), apricot (03), orange (04), coral pink (05) and pink red (06). 
Price: 1,500 yen
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6) Shu Uemura Ultim 8∞ Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil: Remove Stubborn Waterproof Makeup
Shu Uemura is my favourite Japanese beauty brand. Currently, I am using Shu Uemura Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Rough Unlimited Lipstick. But today, I would like to introduce Ultim 8∞ Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. This cleansing oil is winner of skin care cleansing at Cosme Best Cosmetic Award in 2017. Shu Uemura was reformulated with addition 3 new botanical oils of 98% natural ingredients. The new formula able to remove stubborn waterproof mascara and long-lasting makeup in order to maintain cashmere-soft texture and minimize visible pores. One bottle is enough for you to clean your face, throw your makeup removal oil or makeup cleansing oil since double cleaning is not required. 

Price: 4,400 yen
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7) Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder: Enzymes Cleansing Powder
 If you plan to buy cleansing products in Japan, you will definitely can find Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder in every drugstore across Japan. This is super popular cleansing powder in Japan. It has won many beauty awards and also must buy item among tourists. This clear powder is in a tiny size, Hexagon-shaped capsules containing 0.4g of the product. Easy to bring out to gym, travel or work. The selling point is the active enzymes in the powder removes excess sebum and dead skin cells. It really makes your skin clear, soft, bright and firm. I like it because it has no fragrance at all. 
Price: 1050 yen (15 pieces), 1700-2100 yen (32 pieces)
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8) Chojyu Collagen Source Solution Ball: 100% Collagen Concentration 
What Chinese say – ladies need to keep and maintain their skin young and plump. Therefore, collagen is important to ladies. Chojyu collagen source solution ball has full of collagen in a shape of a cotton ball. Just open and rub onto your skin after wetting it with toner. It’s easy to apply and simple.

Price: 3,000 yen - 8,000 yen
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9) ONE BY KOSE Hydration Boosting Serum: Firmness & Elasticity 
Kose is famous Japanese beauty brand and you can find their products everywhere in Japan. Kose launched its ONE BY KOSE brand this year with one product called Moisture Rice Power Hydration Boosting Serum. The serum contains active ingredient rice power no.11 with free of artificial colours. This helps the skin hold moisture and provide firmness and elasticity skin. A good scent of green flower has made you feel relaxing. No doubt, this good product has won Cosme Best Skin Care Serum Category in 2017. 

Price: 5,000 yen
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10) Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask: Heat up 40℃
 This steam hot eye mask is not a new product in Japan. However, I listed it down into top 10 beauty products because of this is my favourite mask. This mask warms gradually to a comfortable 40℃ after you put it on and the soothing warmth lasts 10 minutes to dissolve away the stress. The wonderful smell of freshness and floral scent has made you so relaxing. In addition, it is able to reduce any puffy or swollen eyes area. 
Price: 1,219 – 1,300 yen
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Living in the Asia country, it's been interesting to watch Japanese beauty products and brands become popular around the world. I am obsessed with Japanese beauty products which it can maintain our skin more healthy and smoothly. 
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