Bright Delights: 5 rainbow colored eats and drinks in Tokyo!

Food that looks good tastes good, right? Well Tokyo has good looking food by the bucketload - and some of the most photogenic has to be the brightly colored rainbow stuff. Here are 5 spots in Tokyo where you can get psychedelically colorful eats and drinks that will delight all of your senses!

Rainbow Cheesecake

Find it at A Works, Meguro

If you're a cheesecake fan, this is the spot for you. A Works have about 100 different cheesecake varieties in their repertoire, with about 15 varieties being available on any given day. Some of their most popular varieties are their unicorn, cotton candy, and (you guessed it) rainbow cheesecake varieties. As well as serving up some of the tastiest and most photogenic cheesecakes you've seen, they also offer a full lunch menu with tasty offerings like green curry and Okinawan taco rice. Delish! You can find A Works at 3-3-7 Takanori, Meguro-ku, Tokyo - and they also have a website that you can check out here. 

Rainbow Cotton Candy

Find it at Totti Candy Factory, Harajuku

Cotton candy takes many of us back to our childhoods - but this is truly next level when it comes to the nostalgic sugar overload we all love. These rainbow cotton candies are anything but kid-size though - they're literally bigger than your head. Super fun to split with a friend, and great for an Instagrammable photo while you're strolling around Takeshita Dori. You can find Totti Candy Factory at 1 Chome-16-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, 150-0001.

Rainbow Smoothies

Find them at Monarch of London, Shibuya

Monarch of London is a store that specializes in sweets - adorable cupcakes through to incredibly presented macaron ice cream sandwiches are on the menu here. They've also got a limited time Unicorn Smoothie in pastel rainbow shades! Get yourself a sweet treat and one of these smoothies and you'll be happy as a clam. You can find Monarch of London at the Shibuya Hikarie Mall at 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8510.

Rainbow Bagels

Find it at the "New" New York Club, Jiyugaoka

When you think bagels you probably think New York - so it's rather appropriate that this place is called the "New" New York Club. Now, the rainbow bagels that are sold here are only sold on Saturdays due to their popularity, so bear that in mind if you're making a special trip. Filled with cream cheese and finished off with rainbow sprinkles, they're guaranteed to brighten up your weekend. You'll find them at 2 Chome-15-14 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-0034.

Rainbow Ice Cream

Find it at Daily Chico, Nakano

We all scream for ice cream...especially when it's a multi-layered, multi-flavored beauty like this! Daily Chico helps out those of us who struggle with picking just one flavor - these colorful creations contain eight flavors, from your regular chocolate, strawberry and vanilla through to more Japanese inspired flavors like melon, matcha and ramune. You can visit Daily Chico at  5 Chome-52-15, Nakano Broadway, Tokyo 164-0001.
Hopefully some of these tasty treats will put even more color into what is already planned to be an incredible Japan trip!

Enjoy Tokyo, and Happy Eating!

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