Trick or Treat yourself: where to shop for Halloween goodies in Japan

October is in full swing, and Halloween is a matter of just a few weeks away. If you'll be in Japan over that period, it's likely that you're thinking about where to shop - from snagging yourself a costume, to finding cute decorations, and enjoying all those delicious Halloween treats. 

Here is a bit of a rundown of places that have all things spooky and scary in stores now, to help make your Halloween here a memorable one!

100 yen stores

If you need decorations (or even some cheap and decent costume supplies!) a great starting point is any one of the many 100 yen stores in Japan. There are several different 100 yen store chains - but some of the most well known are Daiso, Can-Do and Seria. The items below are at Daiso, but you'll find fun bits and pieces at any 100 yen store you check out, since they all seem to get on board with seasonal events. You'll find that 100 yen stores are also a great spot to shop for inexpensive souvenirs, so it could be a good chance to stock up on some fun wallet-friendly gifts for your loved ones at the same time!

300 yen stores

Similar to 100 yen stores, 300 yen stores are fixed price establishments where you can get a great range of cute accessories and things like buckets for trick or treating as well. They had some wigs and other small accessories like Halloween headbands as well (this was at Illusie 300, just one of several brands of 300 yen store you might come across during your travels - others include 3 Coins and Smart Life Market).

Don Quijote Stores

Don Quijote Stores are a must stop shop for any traveler to Japan. They have just about everything you need to cover any kind of travel emergency, souvenir shopping expedition, or even your Halloween plans! There are LOADS of costumes at Don Quijote stores, so if you've got one nearby to where you're staying you should be able to find something perfect to celebrate with. As well, they have areas dedicated to food and snacks in their stores, so picking up a bunch of candy is a breeze. They have individual sized servings as well as those large, share bags that have multiple mini servings in them.

Got kids in your travel entourage? They have them covered, too. There are plenty of kid-size costumes, but I'm personally a fan of all these masks that most stores should have available. Doraemon, Anpanman, Pikachu - the list goes on. Pretty budget friendly too at 580 yen a pop (and an easy souvenir to pop in the suitcase to take home, too).

If you're in search of a Don Quijote location near where you're staying, check out their website here (in English). Simply click the prefecture on the map where you're staying, and it will bring up a list of what's in the area. Also, don't forget to bring your passport if you are headed to a Don Quijote store - they're one place that waives the 8% sales tax if you're here for under 6 months, and saving a bit of money on your trip is always a nice thing!


You can even find some stuff to whip up a costume in a hurry at some chain clothing stores. I saw this display at H&M - they had inexpensively priced sweaters and pants with a skeleton print on them. If you're great at doing face makeup and could paint a skull on yourself, then voilà - costume sorted! There are several H&M locations across Japan - if you're staying in Tokyo, some store locations include Harajuku, Shibuya, Odaiba and Shinjuku.


Not only is Loft a fun spot to shop for souvenirs (seriously, they have some super cute stuff!), you'll also find that they embrace special events too. My local store had a bunch of Halloween stuff - the first thing I saw was loads of cute Halloween cards and little treat bags that would be perfect for filling with some fun Japanese candy.
3761B201-5FC0-4B92-816E-192DFA13C305.jpeg 2.8 MB

They didn't disappoint on costumes, either. They had plenty of fun selections - this was only part of the aisle!

CD479549-E97F-4E70-AC33-166A946B0273.jpeg 3.09 MB

One of the coolest things at Loft though was their selection of makeup and face painting products to help you complete whatever Halloween look you end up going for. They even had stuff like vials of faux blood!

If you're trying to locate a Loft store, you can check what's nearby on their website here (in English - yay!).

Faux blood, makeup, face paint and loads of cute accessories can be found at Loft Stores!


Japan's supermarkets are pretty incredible, for a number of reasons. My local one even had a few Halloween costumes on some racks by the entrance - but the main reason I want to talk about supermarkets are for the candy. And you know it wouldn't be Halloween without some treats, right?

Here's some of the sweets that were on offer on my supermarket shelves right now. They had everything from Halloween Kit Kats through to Halloween Choco Pies, Custard Cakes, caramel corn and more. Again, this was just a sampling of some of the Halloween inspired tasty treats they had available.

It wouldn't be Halloween without Kit Kats in Japan!

You should be able to head to just about any supermarket in Japan and get a similar selection!

Convenience Stores

Your nearby convenience store is also a fun spot to stop in for some limited edition Halloween fun. As well as loads of candy options, check the drinks - this limited edition pink Halloween Pepsi is on shelves right now! Even though it’s labeled as cola, the taste is more “candy” than cola.

You'll find Halloween inspired eats too - even in cup noodle variety! These noodles were on sale at Lawson (one of several convenience store brands here) and they come with a garlic infused chili oil to add to your noodles...perfect for keeping all of those pesky vampires away!

Online Options in Japan for costumes 

Perhaps you've tried the options above, and you still haven’t found anything in stores that fits the bill for what you’d like to dress as for Halloween. So what do you do?! Well, you can always turn to online options in your costume quest! One of the coolest things about ordering online in Japan is that many places let you pick up your parcel from your nearest convenience store. Here's a couple of easy to use websites that you can snag a costume from if you're still on the hunt for one.

Amazon Japan

A good way to use some of the points you’ve earned on Odigo is with Amazon Japan vouchers - score! It's all the more reason to share your stories or tips about things to do and see in this incredible country - you get rewarded for it.

There are options galore on Amazon Japan for costumes (and best of all the site has English language support). You can just type in "Halloween Costume" in English, and you'll be greeted with pages and pages to scroll through. Here's just some of the choices you'll come across.
amazon prime.png 197.72 KB

Once you've done your search, you may have decided on the costume you want - and you're probably wondering how to get it sent to a convenience store near where you're staying. Wonder no more! First you'll need an Amazon Japan account - so go ahead and sign up for one if you haven't already. When you cart your items, and go to check out, it's going to prompt you to either select a shipping address (which is fine if you've got a residential address here - just pop that in) but it might be easier to get it sent somewhere else if you're staying in a hotel.

Untitled.png 30.35 KB

Add in the postal code of where you're staying when prompted on the Amazon Japan site, and you'll get options nearby of convenience stores you can pick up from!

If you add in the postcode of where you're staying (it should be in the format of three digits, a hyphen, and then four digits) you'll get back a map with the nearest convenience stores that you can have your costume (or other items) sent to.

Untitled.png 263.72 KB


Rakuten is another convenient site to order from - they have a great range of Halloween costumes for the whole family. They've currently got a subsection on their website especially for the occasion (you can check that out at the link here), with all manner of great suggestions. You don't have to be bound by what they suggest though - type in a search term and you might be surprised at just how wide their range of items is. If you're not sure though, some of these options for women might sound great to you...

From Sailor Moon to Kiki, Rakuten has you sorted for Halloween!

And don't forget options for the fellas, either!

Rakuten has some fun Japanese inspired costumes on their website...Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy, anyone?

There's also a subsection on their site for kids costume options, Halloween accessories (nail art, masks, contact lenses and more) and even Halloween inspired food items. It's all taken care of for you.

If you are looking to celebrate Halloween in Japan, there is no shortage of options when it comes to costumes, decorations or tasty eats to enjoy - and hopefully these suggestions help you in making it a memorable experience! If you're looking for places to celebrate this time of year, check out this article with suggestions for some fun ideas - from theme parks to street parties!

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Halloween!

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