Japan: Cheap stuff!

Travelling is expensive. 
 - Sara López, Japan: Expensive stuff!

Even when you travel on a budget. But how different are japanese prices in comparison with the rest of the world?
Here are 5 things that you will find are cheaper than in your country! ( Or perhaps not... )

Let's find out!

1) Tissues 


Tissues are normally sold in large packages like boxes of two hundred tissues, more or less, sold in packets of 5 and this only costs around 300 Yen ( ~1,50€ ). Pretty awesome! Know that blowing your nose in public is considered to be very rude in Japan, though :) 

2) Tea 


Geisha, Anime, Tea: might be the first things that come to your mind when you hear "Japan"! Green tea is very popular in Japan and it is very affordable, you can even find it  for free if you look carefully!

3) Prepared Foods 


Combini Stores are our friends. They offer not just any cheap prepared food but TASTY prepared food everywhere. From Onigiri to Ramen, sweets, bakery items, sushi, lunch boxes, anything you want, Combini-chan has it. Believe me! And the prices vary between 100 and 500 Yen! Amazing... 

4) Books 

Manga, anyone?
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Books are actually cheap in Japan, Mangas too! Books and Manga can be found below 1000-2000 Yen ( ~8€ ), although there are more expensive ones, of course. You can find many second hand book stores and some books are in english

5) Kit Kat 


Yeah, that's right!! With over 300 flavours, and some of them being found only in Japan, Kit Kat is very popular in this country, as you might already know, and you can buy a pack of Kit Kat for less than 300 Yen in Combini Shops ( ~1,50€ ). They also launch themed Kit-Kat for the holidays or special ocasions, so don't miss out! MmMmMmmm...


So now you know! Buy yourself some tissues for the sad book you just bought while you are eating Sakura flavoured Kit-Kat, some nice prepared Ramen and enjoying a warm cup of tea :P

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Enjoy Japan!

Sara López