3 ways to embrace your inner ninja in Japan

Ninjas are an important part of Japanese history, and still to this day conjure up ideas of mystery and intrigue. From espionage to assassination, ninjas were Japan's unconventional warriors, in contrast to samurai who were bound by more strict rules about combat.

If you're fascinated by all things ninja, here are three fun spots in Japan where you can embrace that part of the culture!

Ninja Restaurant


Japan is known for having some quirky dining experiences, and the Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo's Akasaka area is just one of them. The wait staff here are dressed as ninjas, and you're led to your table through a maze of corridors. The food is surprisingly legit, too - some themed restaurants are all about the quirkiness and the food can come off as lackluster, but not here. You can order a la carte or off their course menu, and if you're vegetarian they also have course menus that are veggie friendly! There are more details about the Ninja Restaurant on their website - it is in Japanese, but Google Translate can help!
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Tokyo's Ninja Restaurant can be found at the map location below.

Ninja Temple


Myoryuji Temple in Kanazawa is also known as Japan's Ninja Temple. There's more information about the temple itself over at this article, but the design consists of interesting design features like false backings to steps (think of someone hiding out under there and stabbing intruders in the legs if they were to enter!), hidden passages, and trap doors.

You do need to make a reservation to tour the Ninja Temple, and tours are only conducted in Japanese - but even though I don't speak fluent Japanese I still found it fascinating when I went! You can check out more information about how to book a tour and admission costs on the website here.

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You can find the location of the Ninja Temple on the below map.

Toei Eigamura Park Ninja Experience


Located in Kyoto, the Toei Eigamura Park is a great spot to visit if you're feeling a bit shrine-and-templed out. The park here is dedicated to the filming of period dramas, so you might see geisha, samurai, or even ninjas wandering around as you explore the area! The ninja themed events here include a ninja training class (held on weekends and national holidays), a ninja show where you can see what it would have been like to witness a real ninja fight, a ninja mystery house and more. You can check out further information about the kinds of attractions and events held at the park on their website here (in English).
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Ninjas are truly a fascinating part of Japan's culture and history - hopefully these fun present-day ninja themed attractions will make your trip here even more interesting.

Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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