Sanrio Puroland Halloween Ticket Giveaway!

Sanrio Puroland, better known as Hello Kitty Land Tokyo, is where you can meet and cuddle with all your favorite Sanrio characters in one sweet day trip from Tokyo. 

▍2017/9/8~10/31   Introducing the 1st Annual "Puro Halloween Party" ?

Trick or treat!
Puroland is doing something a little different this Halloween: they're rolling out parallel daytime and nighttime programs at the park this year. 
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You'll want to get into your costume for the day program. Hello Kitty and all our friends at Sanrio will be dressed up as ghosts, witches, and kinds of spooky characters. Be sure to check out all the Halloween limited edition attractions and goodies, and take advantage of the endless photo opps. Also look out for the theme parades!

Interactive photo spot
Left: Daytime Lady Kitty's House. Right: Halloween cosplay characters group shot.
Left: Ladies-only Halloween edition dressing room. Right: Limited edition Halloween-themed stickers.
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When night falls, Puroland will take the scare level up a couple notches.  Hello Kitty will be making appearances as "Ghost Kitty" and "Vampire Kitty", there will also be a truly terrifying "Horror House" (seriously, look at that clown). And for the first time ever, the guests will be invited to help "fend off ghosts" in a thrilling Halloween parade led by "Cinnamaroll Ranger" and "Puro Ranger".
Halloween-themed parade
Left: Nighttime Lady Kitty's House. Right: Horror House clown

▷Halloween Limited-Edition Curry and Desserts

Of course, Halloween at Puroland would not be complete without ghostly upgrades to their snacks and drinks. Keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready for "Cinnamoroll Ranger Curry" and "Purin’s Halloween Party Parfait".
Daytime and nighttime limited edition food and drinks!
For more details on Halloween-themed activities, check out the official site!

▍Access Information

Located at the "Keio Tama Center Station", Sanrio Puroland is a direct 30-minute ride from Shinjuku. Once you arrive, your favorite Sanrio characters in and out of the station will be guiding the way to Puroland. It's no wonder Tama Center Station is touted as the cutest station in all of Tokyo.

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? How to get there

Address:Sanrio Puroland, 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo

Opening Hours : 9:00~ around 20:00, for specifics please refer to the
official calendar

How to get there : Take Keio Line Limited Express Train to "Keio Tama Center Station", Sanrio Puroland is just a short 5-minute walk away

▍Puroland Features Not to be Missed! 

We want to point you to some of our favorite attractions at Puroland lest you lose yourself in the land of everything photogenically kawaii. 

▷Lady Kitty House 

Lady Kitty's very own home! The classy lady practically lives in a castle -- she's got her own rose garden, dress tower, and Japanese tea room. Don't forget to meet and get a few shots with Hello Kitty herself! She gives huge hugs too.
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▷Miracle Gift Parade

The biggest parade at Sanrio Puroland featuring Hello Kitty, Cinnamaroll, Pudding Dog and the entire cast of Sanrio characters on super kawaii floats followed by an all-out dance performance.

遊行.jpg 273.42 KB

▷Gudetama Funland

As one of the hottest Sanrio characters, it's no surprise that Gudetama has his own mini theme park complete with a "Gudesushi" restaurant, pastry shop, and even a bowling corner.

▷Hello Kitty / Gudetama  / Cinnamoroll / My Melody / Kiki&Lala Specialty Stores

Yes, ALL Sanrio characters have their own speciality stores, selling everything from pillows, bags, stationeries -- basically anything you can imagine.
And if you spend over ¥5,000 ( which shouldn't be too hard!), you can head to the 4th floor tax counter to get your tax back.
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▍   Sanrio Puroland Ticket Giveaway Details

? Prizes:Sanrio Puroland Day Passes for Two (Valued at ¥ 6,600) x 2 sets

Each set comes with two Sanrio Puroland Day Passes and one Sanrio Puroland guide map. The tickets are good for adults and kids for all-day access to Sanrio Puroland. Tickets expire: February 28, 2018.
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? How to Participate

Step 2 : Share the campaign post on Facebook

Step 3 : Leave a comment below the post, tagging a friend you want to bring along to Sanrio Puroland

After the lucky-draw deadline, we'll randomly select two lucky participants who have successfully completed the above three steps.
Each winner will receive one Sanrio Puroland guide map, and two Sanrio Puroland Day Passes, valued at ¥6,600.

? Lucky Draw Sign-Up Dates : Wednesday, October 4, 2017 ~ Friday, October 13, 2017

? Result Announcement : Monday, October 16, 2017 on Odigo's Official Facebook Page

After we announce the results, we ask the winners to use the same Facebook accounts to PM Odigo. Once confirmed, we'll do ship out the tickets ASAP.

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