Restaurant Without a Menu?! TERRY‘S(テリーズ) in Saga

Do you like surprises? There is a restaurant that doesn’t have a menu! You must be wondering how people can order. It’s simple: You just ask the owner, “Please get me a meal” in Japanese (Teishoku Kudasai). There is only one choice that you have to make, which is whether to have a drink after the meal (coffee or Coke). That’s it, and all you have to do is wait. The owner goes inside the kitchen and starts preparing. 

This place is in a really narrow and dark alley in the center of Saga City. It’s in front of one of the landmarks in Saga that is called S-platz. Most of restaurants and bars are around this building. Terry’s is little different from other restaurants or cafés. Its sign doesn’t say “restaurant” or “café”, just “TERRY’S”. Thus, people who have never been there wouldn’t think that it’s a dining place. It’s exactly a hole in the wall.
When you open the door, you’ll see only 6 counter seats and 2 table seats. It’s still a little dark inside, but nice jazz music is playing. If there are no customers, the owner might be reading books behind the counter. On the other hand, he might be busy preparing meals if there are customers inside. In that case, you have to wait or call him to ask for a meal. He’s doing everything on his own, so it takes a while to prepare your meal.


As I said above, there’s no menu. Actually, you can order just coffee.
The coffee there is strong and aromatic and I LOVE IT!
One cup of coffee costs 300 yen.
The meal costs 600 yen.
The main dish always comes with Miso-soup, rice, a small side dish, a salad and your choice of coffee or Coke. I always ask him to serve me smaller amount of rice because he serves a generous amount, and I don’t want to leave any leftover food.
I got deep fried minced meat, and the side dish was tofu. 



You can take a bus to get to the nearest stop which is Shirayama from Saga station bus center.
Please wait for buses at platform 3 or 4.
At platform 3, you can take bus numbers 2, 6, 20, 21, 23, 24 or 29.
At platform 4, you can take buses 3, 18, or 27.
You can tell the driver that you are going to S-platz so that he/she would tell you when you should get off.
After you get off the bus, walk straight a little bit and make a left, and then you’ll find S-platz on your right.
Please follow the map below!



Open: 12:00-0:00
Closed on Sunday
Address (English): Inside of Chuo Market Gofuku-Machi Saga, Saga
Address (Japanese):佐賀県佐賀市呉服町 中央マーケット内
Tel: unknown

Mariko Y