[Osaka] Let you play and travel in Universal Studios easily and delightedly 

     Hasn't you get some problems when you're friend or kids wanted to go to some theme park? This post can solve all this problems.
     If you want to go to some theme park, I strongly recommend you guys go to universal studios park.
      The ticket in the park sells 4723 yen /327.6 HKD(child)/7600 yen 527.5 HKD(adult)/6830yen 473.74(elder)(Sorry for no elder ticket photo)
     Don’t forget to buy the ticket (Fast pass).You need to wait a long time if you don’t buy it.you need to buy the fastpass before 1/2 month. Here are the prices: 7,400 yen 18,800yen I recommend you to buy this because this is cheap and this can play Harry potter, Minions, Spider man and the shark.
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        The Harry Potter zone is in the place behind jaws and wonderland, if there have a lot of people at that day you go, you need to take the tickets and wait to go in there(if you don't have fastpass)
      The minions is the new area that universal studios built at this summer (2017) There are some shop and the ride but  those are full of people.
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      It has a lot of games for the kids. The Spider-Man has a extremely interesting ride the will have a lot of fighting time that the Spider-Man fight with the evil monsters and there will have fire comes out. If you came with some little kids they need to have 110cm high and also might the will scared of moving quickly(but slower a lot then rollercoaster)
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If you want buy some gift back, you can buy the magic wand that Harry Potter used (Remember it is in the wand is in stairs at the end of the storage room that Harry live when he is small) and that so cool! WOW!
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