A List of 10 Chain Coffee Shops to Enjoy Breakfast Set in Japan

Breakfast is the first meal and also important meal of the day. Many hotels provide breakfast to the customers. The breakfast at the hotel is delicious, fresh and remarkably varied. However, if you plan to travel on budget, some of guest houses no provide breakfast or only provide simple bread and coffee. Therefore, convenience store is one of the options that you can buy breakfast to full your stomach. Do you want having breakfast at convenience store every morning? If you look for decent option to start your day, here are 10 select wonderful chain coffee shops or restaurants with outstanding cheap and delicious morning sets if you are staying at a guest house without breakfast. 

1) Doutor Coffee 
The first European-style café is opened in Harajuku, Tokyo, called Doutor Coffee. This coffee shop started as a coffee beans wholesaler. The shops are located in cities across Japan which is recommended to having a quick breakfast. They offer popular roasted coffee with richly flavoured coffee beans and morning sets at reasonable price and is available until 10.30am. The morning set including ham & egg salad bread, hotdog bread, toasted sandwiches and seasonal menu at about 400 yen.  

Morning Set Price: 400 yen 
Breakfast Time: ~10.30
Komeda Coffee is a chain that originated in Nagoya and established in 1968. Currently, they have around 700 shops today all over the country. They always giving customer a cosy feeling and relaxing space of having coffee at their place. It is located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Chiba, Oita and many places. Their specialty is toasted coffee bean and of course they also serve wide varieties of drinks. Moring sets offered by the shop such as toasted bread and warm boiled eggs with all drinks and is available until 11.00am.When you order coffee, you will get a half slice of bread with some red bean paste on the side. 

Morning Set Price: 400 yen for drink. Free breakfast, but drink is required to pay 
Breakfast Time: ~ 11-00
Website: http://komeda.co.jp
Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/533395149591335868/

3) Beck’s Coffee 
Beck’s Coffee shop is a chain of coffee shop run by JR East, Railway Company. You can find their coffee shop at JR stations in Kanto region and airports. Due to a good location and price range, it is become popular for having morning set in their shop. Their morning set is served for only 390 – 500 yen and the morning set is available until 11.00am. If you like sweet tooth, get morning sets number 5, two thick slices of bread with red bean cream cheese. Or get morning sets at 490 yen only with toast, ham scrambled eggs and drink. 

Morning Set Price: 390 yen – 500 yen
Breakfast Time: ~11.00
Website: http://www.jefb.co.jp/becks/
Photo credit: https://www.tsunagujapan.com/

4) Renoir Coffee 
Renoir Coffee shop is an old-style café with famous drip coffee in Japan. When you enter to the shop, you will feel relax and comfortable with cushy seats. It is not the type of place to rush. You can slowly enjoy your dip coffee and foods in Renoir. Besides, they also offer seasonal drinks, matcha latte, Renoir honey drinks, mille-crepe and premium coffee jelly. The morning set includes toast or sandwich, boiled egg, soup and seasonal food at about 60 yen to 190 yen. 

Morning Set Price: 60 yen – 190 yen 
Breakfast Time: ~12.00
Website: http://www.ginza-renoir.co.jp/renoir/
Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/ju4SAckmQn/?size=l

5) Pronto Café 
Pronto Café is a coffee and bar chain in Japan and established in 1988. It is not difficult to find its shop as Pronto has opened around 300 shops throughout Japan. Pronto’s working hours are divided to 2 parts: day and night. The café usually opens until 5.00pm during the day and closes around 11.00pm for night bar. There are slightly differences in operating hours depending on the branches. Of course, morning sets also available until 10.00 or 11.00am. The breakfast sets include croissant set, sandwiches and salads at less than 500 yen. 

Morning Set Price: 390 yen – 500 yen
Breakfast Time: ~10.00 @ 11.00
Website: http://www.pronto.co.jp/
Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHfvOXxAsCE/?size=l

6) Hoshino Coffee 
If you want to try hand-drip coffee, you should visit Hoshino Coffee. This is an old-fashioned coffee shop chain with dark wood accents in Japan. There have a lot of branches across Japan and Singapore. Souffle hotcake is their famous item which come with whipped butter and toppings of your choice such as honey and maple syrup. They also offer morning sets such as toast and boiled egg coming free with any drink you buy and is available until 11.00 am. It is recommended for those who like relaxing breakfast.  

Morning Set Price: 500 yen – 700 yen
Breakfast Time: ~11.00
Website: http://www.hoshinocoffee.com/

7) Gusto Cafe
Gusto is one of the largest nationwide family restaurant chain in Japan that you can find in many cities. They offer a variety of western-style dishes and seasonal dishes at reasonable price. The environment is super clean and spacious to enjoy your meal. They offer a great morning set such as sausage and scrambled eggs, toast and other Japanese style breakfast with soup and free refill drinks. Morning set is available until 10:30. 

Morning Set Price: 400 yen – 600 yen
Breakfast Time: ~10.30
Website: http:/www.skylark.co.jp/gusto/menu
Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRcD-H2A4_C/?size=l

8) Café Veloce
Café Veloce is a chain of serving valuable drinks and foods at a reasonable price. They have many branches can be found across Japan. Surprisingly, the foods are sizeable even though the price is cheaper than other coffee shops. The morning sets include drinks and sandwiches costing less than around 390 yen to 450 yen and is available until 11.00am. If you travel on budget, this is the place to go. 
Morning Set Price: 390 yen – 450 yen
Breakfast Time: ~11.00
Website: http://chatnoir-company.com/chatnoir/html
Photo credit: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk

9) Saint Marc Café
Saint Marc Café also known as Chococro which is a café chain in Japan. The first café was opened in 1998, Ginza, Tokyo. They have around 400 stores in Japan and expanding their café to oversea. Their trademark item of course Chococro croissant, a shortened name for chocolate croissant with high quality beans from Ecuador and Ghana and flour. Besides chocolate, they also offer seasonal flavours such as strawberry, matcha, salt milk chocolate and so on. Saint Marc Café also offers a wide variety drinks and baked goods. The morning set costing less than 400 yen include croissant with drink, which is a good deal to start the day. 

Morning Set Price: 290 yen – 420 yen
Breakfast Time: Depend on the shop
Website: http://www.saint-marc-hd.com/cafe
Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BN8QOi9DuTG/?size=l

10) Kohikan 
Kohikan Coffee shop is one of the biggest coffee beans wholesaler. It is in the same UCC group as Ueshima Coffee. They provide a relaxing environment for chatting with friends and family while having finest coffee. They offer freshly pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped cream and handmade sandwiches. You can order a cup of coffee with toast, salad and friend egg for additional or sandwich at 160 yen. Normally they served morning sets to the customer until 11.00am. Anyhow, try to visit Kohikan for coffee and you will definitely like it. 

Morning Set Price: 600 yen – 700 yen 
Breakfast Time: ~11.00am 
Website: http://www.kohikan.jp/index.html
Photo credit: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g1021343-d4789785
Breakfast is important meal of the day because it give us energy to start a new day. Try to have breakfast at chain coffee shops listed above when you have a tight budget. Fill your stomach and go sightseeing with plenty of energy. 
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