Get Creative and Make Your Own Noodles

Everyone loves cup noodles right? Well there's a perfect place for us cup noodle lover fans.
Located at Yokohama ( closet station Minatomirai , which is a 12min walk to the museum ).

Once you arrive you have to purchase a ticket at the counter before entering , which cost 500 yen and if you want to make your own personize cup noodle, make sure you get your ticket from the counter as well.

There is another ticket that is making your own chicken ramen , but it's mostly filled with family with kids , also the slots are reserved quite quickly.
So If your going with kids make sure you reserve online at 10am (on same date that your planning to go) also I heard you can reserve tickets at Lawson as well(but I'm unsure of this one).

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Photo taken by kawaiijuls (self taken).

You can walk around the 2nd floor , where you can look at the cup noodle release timeline , I'm pretty sure you'll see a lot of familiar ones as well as some never seen before ones too.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

This cute little chicken as you may or may not recognise , he's actually the original chicken that you see on the Chicken ramen.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Other than looking at cup noodles , you can go and see a mini movie at the Momofuku Theater , where after you can exit and find the Mokofulu's Work Shed and play around the Mokofuku thinking box area.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken ).

Getting closer to make your cup noodle , but before that you can take a awesome photo with the chicken birthday cake.
This floor you can make your chicken ramen and your cup noodle.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken ).

For anyone that's hungry and feeling like some noodles be sure to check out this international themed food court.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken ).

Here you can find different styled ramen , shaved ice and a very special cup noodle soft serve (yes you read it right). =p
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

If you want to order something , you must go and by the ticket at the machine , each place has their own machine.

Some machines have English , the chicken ramen one doesn't but it's not hard , only a few options  which are  choices between 1 or 2 bowls etc.
The chicken ramen one was really cheap 150 yen for a small bowl and a choice of 2 toppings , a great small full up to recharge yourself .
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken )

Best part , is finally going to make your own cup noodles
No entry fee but you do have to buy your own cup ( before enter remember to get your time slot tickets and arrive when it's almost time to enter.

Once you got your cup , line up and follow staff instructions , then get all creative and draw on your cup to make it more personal and cool.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Once your finish drawing line up again to add your noodles and to pick your own topping and broth (1 broth and 4 topping choices).
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Once you got your toppings , the staff will place a lid and seal your noodles.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Once your cup noodles are sealed , go to the side to pack your noodles with this cool little blow up bag.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Cup noodles flavoured soft serve ice cream , unlike your normal flavour , it's more savoury with dry toppings like spring onions , meat ,egg and shrimp , it may not be the best ice cream but it's a little special to try , because you can only get this soft serve here at the museum.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken ).

This is my personal cup , with a sleeping sailor moon accompany with pikachu and chopper.

I saw a lot of cute and cool personal cup noodles hope you'll go have a try if your own.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Our kawaii personal cup noodles ~~

Julia Lai