Tokyo's fanciest purikura at Moreru Mignon

If you're headed to Tokyo for your Japan trip, it's likely that you will visit Shibuya - it's a great spot for shopping, tasty eats, people watching, and the world's largest pedestrian crossing! If you are in the area, you'll see a particular prominent building on the skyline by the name of Shibuya 109. It's a multi storey mall with all manner of fashion stores and accessory shops that are worth a look - but if you head on up to the 7th floor, there's another treat waiting for you!

Moreru Mignon is dedicated to purikura (there's a great guide to all things purikura by Odigoer Angie over here - be sure to check it out) and it has to be in the most kawaii setting possible!
The entrance to Moreru Mignon is hard to miss! PC:

As well as there being multiple purikura booths at Moreru Mignon, the surroundings warrant a selfie (or several!) themselves. It's almost if you've stepped into a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-esque realm - there are faux cakes, pastel colored donuts hanging from the ceiling, candy and macarons surrounding a bathtub and more - it brings new meaning to the words quirky and cute!

And of course, you'll want to look your best for those purikura shots - so there are plenty of mirrors where you can touch up your makeup or ensure that your hair is looking just the way you want it to. The decor wasn't spared for the mirror areas either - there are pink chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, velour seating and great lighting that will have you feeling like a VIP.

It's a pastel lovers dream at Moreru Mignon in Shibuya via

If you'll be in Shibuya and would like to swing by Moreru Mignon for some purikura cuteness, you can find them on the 7th floor of the Shibuya 109 Mall. They're open from 10am until 9pm daily, and the mall is just a short walk from the Shibuya Station. You can see where the mall is in relation to the train station on the map below.

Enjoy Tokyo, and Safe Travels!

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