The Perfect Getaway: Romantic Summer Spots in Japan


Japan is a land of beauty and mystery making it the perfect country to take your significant other. No matter what part of the year you go to Japan there will always be somewhere to take your significant other that'll blow both of you away.

Four Seasons

With each passing season Japan has something new to offer its visitors. Each season offers new experiences that you and your significant other can enjoy, so don't worry about running out of things to do. This article will focus on what you and your partner can do during the wonderful summer season.

The Best Time of the Year!

Late spring and early summer is the best time to visit Japan if you want to see gardens and temples. The flowers are still blooming and it's not too hot...yet.

1. Kenroku-en Garden
Located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Kenroku-en is regarded as one of the top three gardens in Japan. The beautiful landscape used to the garden of Kanazawa Castle and can be enjoyed any time of the year!

This isn't the usual "sit and stare" garden but rather an immersive experience. Visitors are able to explore the 25 acre garden that is teeming with gorges fountains, bridges, tea-houses, trees, flowers, and stones. Some of the most notable features of the garden are the Kotojtoro Lantern, one of Japan's oldest fountains below Kasumigaike Pond and a waterfall near Hisagoike Pond.
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Within the garden is a craft museum and Seisonkaku Villa. These beautiful side-stops allow you and your partner to rest your feet and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. You can also visit historic Kanazawa Castle located right next to the garden!
This location provides you a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and is a perfect spot to get engaged!

2. Enoshima's Enospa

Enoshima is a beautiful island  just an hour outside Tokyo. This is the perfect opportunity for and you your partner to unwind and relax, away from the busy city. The only real downside to this spa is that you'll be denied entry if you have tattoos. You can get around this restriction if you have rather small tattoos that can be easily covered up with waterproof cover up.

Once inside the spa you'll be presented with a variety of options to unwind and relax. You can float in one of the indoor or outdoor pools, sweat out your stress in a sauna or even just take a nice relaxing soak in an onsen. Everything is co-ed, so you won't be separated from your partner, but bathing suits are mandatory.
Both the indoor and outdoor bathing facilities offer amazing views of Fujisawa. If you're lucky you may be able to see Mt. Fuji in the outdoor pool!
The fourth and second floor offer spa treatments and Japanese-style massage to unwind those tired muscles.

Once you leave you and your partner will feel completely recharged and ready to take on the rest of Japan!

3. The Love Shrine - Jishu

Jishu Shrine is located within Kyoto's Kiyomizu Temple and is dedicated to the Shinto God of love and matchmaking. As one might expect this temple is usually crowded with young couples and girls praying for a prosperous love life.
If you really want to beat the crowd you can try to get there early (around 9:00am). One of the key features here are two stones located just outside of the temple that are placed 18m apart. You cast your wish for love at the first stone and then close your eyes and walk to the other one, if you make it to the other stone your wish will be granted and you will find your true love. Even if you're not religious you can still enjoy the beauty of the shrine and the surrounding area.
4. Gujo Hachiman

If you're looking for a place to cool down during the hot summer months than head on over to Gujo Hachiman, located in Gifu Prefecture. Also known as the water city, Gujo Hachiman gives it's visitors a truly unique view into traditional Japan.
As you walk down the historical streets you'll hear and see water rushing through nearby streams, rivers and small street-side waterways. You can even see karp fish swimming upstream and in the gutters!

You will also find plenty of shrines and temples located around the town. Some of these temples like Jion Ji have beautiful gardens that you can visit.

Gujo Hachiman has plenty of activties for you and your partner to enjoy like ayu fishing in the Nagara River, making your own plastic food replicas, or take a relaxing ride on the Nagara River Railway. You can also stay in a traditional Japanese hotel called a ryokan if you want to stay longer than one night.
5. Festivals, Fireworks and Yukata

One of the best parts about summer in Japan are the festivals! If you travel to areas like Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo try to find out what festivals are going on that week and join in! Festivals like Hanabi include fireworks that will light up your love life!
If you want to make festivals truly unforgettable for you partner you can rent a yukata. Yukata's are traditional Japanese women's clothing that are worn during special occasions. Yukata's are lighter versions of kimono and are meant to be worn to festivals and other celebration. A yukata will surely make your girlfriend feel like a Japanese princess and make your festival experience even more memorable.


Japan is truly a romantic place. You don't need to look far for something that will sweep that special someone off their feet, so don't worry about trying to find something to do.


Donna Rhae