How Korean Beauty Makeup Youtuber Pony Makes Her Makeup by Japanese Makeup Brands

Japanese makeup products have become increasingly popular and expanding gradually. Without doubt, Japanese makeup products have definitely been played a huge part in shaping global beauty trends. Over the years, Western and Asian people played an important role to influence this beauty trends. In Japan, looking half –Japanese is the new fashionable trend. It is called “haafu kao” which means a person of mixed race who is half Japanese and half something other nationality. They use Japanese makeup products to present how wonderful the makeup is. 

Although he or she is not Japanese, they also love Japanese makeup brands. For instance, many of beauty youtuber like to review Japanese makeup products in youtube channel even she or he is not from Japan. Today, let’s me introduce Pony, one of the beauty makeup youtuber from Korea. She makes her makeup by Japanese makeup products during in Osaka, Japan. Let’s us check out top 10 recent popular Japanese makeup products that used by Pony.
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1) Canmake Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover #02 (Price: 580 yen)
Canmake Tokyo is one of the top selling makeup products in Japan. That is why Pony obsessed with this brands. The price is cheap but good quality. Canmake color stick moist lasting cover is a magical concealer stick. Not only having concealer function, but highlighting effect as well. The outstanding coverage able to cover dark circles, uneven color, freckles, acne scars and dullness. It is also can fix the face shape on T zone, under the eyes, chin, cheekbone, along the hair line and both side of nose. Easy to blend into your skin and clings tightly. There have 6 colors include yellow beige (#01), natural beige (#02), beige ocher (#03), apricot (#04), yellow gold (#05) and natural ocher (#06). Pony is used color number 2 for blemishes and acne scars. 
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2) Flow Fushi Mote Liner #Brown (Price: 1,500 yen) 
Flow Fushi eyeliner is Japan bestseller Cosme number 1 eyeliner product in 2017. This is multi-functional eyeliner that provide premium application. Brushes are from a Kumano brush maker that made by hand instead of machine-cut. The brushes are so soft and thin. The octagon-shaped body that fits the fingers which is easier to apply. The color is super pigmented and long lasting. It comes in 4 different colors such as black, brown, brown black, navy black and cherry cheek. Pony is used brown color to apply around the contours of the eyes.   
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3) Kiss Me Heroin Make Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film # Brown (Price: 2,150 yen) 
Heroine Make has been established in 2005 in Japan. Heroine means that girls in the main character in a book or movie. This brand is known for their popular mascara. Many beauty gurus and youtuber like to use their mascara products. They came out with new version called Kiss Me Heroin Make Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film which is the third generation. It come in only black and brown colors. Brown color is Pony favorite color.
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4) Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation #C2 (Price: 1,200 yen) 
Shiseido Company is a hair care, skin care, fragrance and cosmetics producer and the oldest cosmetics company in the world. Pony used this foundation is covered up the blemish and acne. Yes, you are right. It is seem like concealer. This is creamy texture so easy to apply and blend out, super long-lasting and of course excellent coverage. Pony picked beige yellow (C2) to correct darker red pigmentation. You can mixed with other shades that able to match your skin tone.
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5) Kose Visee Lip & Cheek Cream RD-1 (Price: 1,800 yen) 
Kose was founded in 1946, Japan. This company has many major makeup brands such as Fasio, Rimmel, Elsia and Visee. Visee provides a slightly more mature and glamorous look for women. They came out Visee Lip & Cheek cream color can be used for lip and cheek to natural glossy on cheeks and lips. Easy to blend and fragrance-free. No worry about dryness because of squalene and collagen ingredients to moisturize your lips. Color RD-1 is pure red which is nice color to apply your lip and cheek. This was Pony’s favorite pick.
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6) BCL Brow Lash EX #Grey Brown (Price: 1,200 yen) 
BCL is 2-in-1 eyebrow pencil brings liquid color that allow you to draw beautiful brows easily. It is easy to handle due to the pen design, pencil at the one end and liquid at the other end. In addition, 24-hour water resistance to keep your brow looking perfect and prevent smearing and smudging all day. There have natural brown, light brown and grayish brown. Pony used grayish brown to present beautiful eyebrow.
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7) Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited #OR533 (Price: 2,500 yen) 
Shu Uemura is my favourite Japanese beauty brand. Currently, I am using Shu Uemura Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Rough Unlimited Lipstick #OR533 which is used by Pony. Of course, this lipstick comes in different shades. You can match your own shades perfect to wear in different seasons. A unique sheer finish and feels moisturizing and hydrating your lip with butter and jojoba oil. This lipstick lasts about 4-5 hours without reapplying. pick. 
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8) Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte #PK375 (Price: 2,800 yen) 
The trend of matte lip has been going strong for some time. Shu Uemura has launched another perfect rouge unlimited lipstick that give you nice combination of matte and ultimate comfort with moisturizing ingredients to deliver the smoothest matte finish all day. No sticky texture and dryness feeling. There have many wearable shades perfect for many occasions but Pony’s personal pick for her favorite was PK375 color. 
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9) Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder #02 Natural (Price: 1,300 yen) 
Cezanne is a Japanese cosmetic brand that offer high quality products at reasonable price in Japan market. Cezanne launched three-colored eyebrow powder with nose shadow. This powder lasts for long time and makes your eyebrow more sharp and beautiful. It comes with double-end brush, one end side is makes a brush for the nose shadow and the other end side is for eyebrows. It is easy to apply light color from inner ends of eyebrow to the nose, neutral color is from the inner ends to the center of the eyebrow and the last deep color from the center to the outer ends of eyebrows. There have 3 colors include camel (01), natural (02) and olive (03). Pony was picked natural color to get chiseled and 3D eyebrow.
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10) Integrate Real Fit Liquid Foundation #OC10 (Price: 1,300 yen) 
This integrate liquid foundation by Shiseido was launched in 2017 with special technique called Agar Crush Technique. Its foundation gives moist look after applying this product. Easy to blend with your finger and no cakey at all. This product made by all natural ingredients, paraben free and non-fragrance. I like it so much because of this product gives me bare skin. Pony’s best choice was OC10.
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The trend is changing, people dislike using too many chemicals and they tend to find natural ingredients makeup brands. Therefore, Japanese makeup brands are one of their choice. Many beauty gurus and youtubers like to review Japanese makeup products via their social media’s channel such as Korean makeup artist Pony. I am believe Japanese makeup brand has expanded to other Asian and Western countries. Now, it is easy to find Japanese makeup brands whenever you go. 

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