Kishiwada Port Festival (Kishiwada Minato Matsuri)

Other than being extremely HOTTTTT during the summer in Japan, one other special thing during summer in Japan would be the SUMMER FESTIVALS!!!
Summer festival, also known as Natsu Matsuri, is one kind of ceremonious event in Japan each year. People from different parts of Japan would celebrate similarly with the element of processions where they would carry their local shrine’s Shinto deity in palanquins throughout the town. Other than this, there would also be fireworks display and locals would wear their yukatas on this occasion. In some places, food and games stalls would be set up for people to eat and play in this joyous festival! 

Kishiwada Port Festival

I am very happy to be able to participate in one of the summer festival in Japan this year, which I am going to talk about! The summer festival which I have been to is the Kishiwada Port Festival (Kishiwada Minto Matsuri), which took place in Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture. It is one of the biggest summer festival in Osaka and 2017 is the 65th year that the festival is being held!!!

Fireworks aka Hanabi

The Kishiwada Minato Matsuri is famous for their large fireworks display where there will be more than 250 fireworks that will last for ten minutes! However I felt that the duration of the fireworks was more than 10 minutes because the fireworks started when we (me and my friends) were still on our way from Kishiwada station to Kishiwada port which was about half an hour and when we reached the port we were still able to take photos and videos of the fireworks for about 10 to 15 minutes! It felt like the fireworks were set for about 30 minutes for me~ I have never seen fireworks being put for such a long duration! :O
I have seen many videos of Japanese fireworks online and I am so lucky that I was able to view the hanabi with my own eyes!
I shall let the photos do the talking~~
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I think the photos and video do not do justice to how beautiful the fireworks were! It is still the best to look at it in real life XD 

Food and Drinks stalls 

After the fireworks display ended, we made our way to the stalls where the food and games were!
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The layout looks like pasar malam (a type of night market in Singapore) but the atmosphere was definitely different! Many people were in their yukatas which made me feel very local.
stall that sell drink in a lightbulb with blinking lights
stall selling squid legs for 200 yen each!
look at the ginger scattered around the yakisoba stall XD
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There were stalls selling yakisoba (stir fry noodles), lightbulb drinks, squid, kakigori (shaved ice), tori karaage and many many more!!! Too much for me to remember :P You will not leave the place feeling hungry!
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We were so thirsty that we got 3 of the lightbulb drink! Nice aesthetics to take a photo XD

Games Stall

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There were also stalls which offer games such as scooping goldfish with a paper net, hooking toy fishes and etc. The games were around 500 yen per round and differs for each stall. But since you are there, you should try it out and experience how the locals play!
There were some stalls that sell toys and masks as well~

We stayed for about 2 hours in the area before heading back to Osaka city. Another 30 minutes walk from the port to the train station!
Even though the weather is very hot and the place is crowded with lots of people, and the festival is very far from the train station and from the city center of Osaka, it was still very enjoyable and fulfilling experience! I not only had fun but also knew more about how the Japanese celebrate summer festivals as well as their culture. Great place to eat, play, wear a yukata, see the hanabi and learn about the culture! Aint it lovely?
Would definitely recommend this natsu matsuri for those who is keen in visiting Osaka during summer time in the future!

When and Where?

The festival is held on the 4th Saturday in July every year! The timings varies so do check out before heading to the location.
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Kishiwada Port
〒596-0015 Ganpeki, Hannan-ikku, Hannan-ko, Jizouhama, Kishiwada 
The nearest train station is Kishiwada station on the Nankai Line. Follow the directions on the board in the train station or the crowd as most of the people will be going to the festival on that very day. 

Xin Jing