Where To Go During Autumn

Autumn comes bringing relief to the people from the scorching heat and high humidity of summer in Japan. That's not all, when autumn arrives, it also brings a beautiful sight of auburn, gold, brown and orange leaves which is known as kouyou in Japanese. So, where should you go during this beautiful season?

1. Jozankei Onsen, Hokkaido Prefecture
www.alamy.comThis breathtaking town is only an hour's drive from Sapporo and decorate Jozankei. Besides being able to have a try in the town's hot spring, you can also take a 60-minute scenic ride on the Kouyou Kappa Bus. The bus will offer you not only a tour of the beautiful town, it will also stop at the exhibition room of the Ainu Culture Promotion Center. 

2. Kuroyu Onsen, Akita Prefecture
polarbearhifive.wordpress.comKuroyu Onsen has been in operation since the Edo period. It is one of the seven hot springs located in Nyuto Onsen Village. At Kuroyu Onsen, 
konyoku rotemburo (mixed gender open air bathing) is a must try along with its indoor baths. Kuroyu Onsen offers an incredible view of untouched nature and therefore a great choice for those who loves to soak in a hot spring while enjoying the scenery.

3. Naruko Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture
goodlucktripjapan.comSituated near Sendai, Naruko Onsen comes alive in autumn. A perfect place for those who loves onsen and hiking both. Those who loves hiking can visit Naruko Gorge or Hosomichi trail and they will be blessed with unspoiled view of the colorful leaves. The onsen has nearly 400 different mineral-rich water sources and therefore an ideal place for those who wanted to rejuvenate themselves. 

4. Ikaho, Gunma Prefecture
blog.gaijinpot.comIkaho is an onsen town with more than 400 -year-old traditions. It offers a lot of traditional fall activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and also fruit picking. At Ikaho Shrine, you can check out the view of fall foliage. Ikaho Shrine is located at the top of the Ikaho's famed stone stairway of 365 steps. Take a ride on the Ikaho ropeway for the wonderful view of fall colors or take a stroll at the Kajika Bridge for the scenery.

5. Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture
travel.rakuten.comWhy not have a trip to the home of the decorated Toshogu "Three Wise Monkeys" Shrine or to Kegon Falls which is one of Japan's Top 3 waterfalls. Or visit the Oku Nikko region of Lake Chuzenji and Yumoto Onsen which always attract plenty of tourists during weekends of peak fall foliage. 

Autumn is no doubt one of the best season for having a trip around Japan as the season does not have the heavy humidity and heat as in summer nor does it has the coldness as in winter. Therefore, why not grab your backpack and soak in the plentiful onsens around Japan and take in the scenic and colorful autumn leaves. 

Yvaine Yvonne