Tokyo's smallest zoo at Doubutsuen!

Tokyo's Harajuku area is home to some of the cutest eats you could imagine - from tasty crepes filled with all manner of goodies to giant rainbow cotton candy (and that's just the beginning). There's always something new and exciting to try just about every time you head there.

A new store that popped up in Harajuku in the last few weeks is touting itself as the world's smallest zoo - although it's not your normal zoo...all of the available creatures to see are of the ice cream variety! They're called Doubutsuen and they're just a short walk from the JR Harajuku Station.

On the menu at Doubutsuen there are five different animal ice creams that you can purchase - an elephant (soda flavored ice cream), a panda (cookies and cream ice cream), a pig (strawberry, naturally!), a koala (vanilla), and a tiger (blueberry cheesecake ice cream). They're decorated adorably, with the panda having mini Oreos for ears, and the koala having an almond nose for instance.

Apart from the ice creams being adorable, one of the coolest things about paying a visit to the store here is that the actual storefront is set up to look just like a vending machine!


And one of the best parts of all? The ice creams are a one-coin wonder, at 500 yen a piece. Sure, that's probably not the cheapest ice cream that you'll come across in your travels - especially if you're comparing it to something you can grab at a convenience store - but for the cuteness factor it's not a bad deal at all.


Getting There

Doubutsuen, or "The Zoo" in English, can be found at 3-20-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The map location is shown below, and the store is open from 11am until 7pm daily.

If you're headed there by train, your best stations to get off at are either the JR Harajuku Station or the Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingumae Station.

Enjoy Tokyo, and Happy Travels!

You can find the Doubutsuen Twitter account at the link here!

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