How to stay in japan with a cheapest ways

"How to stay in japan with a cheapest ways".

HelIo think many people before they come to japan for travelling they might worry about accommodation in japan. Many people the words 'Japan and budget' seem  to be something of a contradiction. there is a assume which the cost of visiting Japan for a two weeks vacation, it would be enough to make people bankrupt dictator, but it will never happened if you have book the cheapest hotel. 

In the year of 2016 in Japan has experienced a boom in tourism. From 8 millions overseas tourists in 2007 to 24 million in year 2016. and with if it's led to a whole 
new wace of hotels, trains, buses and low cost domestic airlines, it makes cheaper to experience and travel Japan country. we will be looking at ways that you can save your money on accommodation in Japan. Weather you are staying at a holiday in or hotel or motel,the cheapest accommodaion to stay in Japan Tokyo is the Area of Ueno and Asakusa. Where the majority of the hotels are. for my recommendation the first cheapest option staying in a hotel in a dormitory(you can find a bed there but you might sleep in a room with others it costs about 2000 jpy yen per night). The second best option is a capsule hotel it costs about 3000 to 5000 yen per night, if I were you I will prefer to choose a capsule hotel it's because it feels better than the first option and you get your own Television!!! The third option is staying at a business hotel. You can find a single room for about 5000yen if you are lucky because there are many hotes in this crazy world. Usually business hotel costs 5000-7000yen per night. I recommend some budget hotel chains for your guys like "Tokyo-Inn" or "APA" hotels. Last, I think the best way you can compare the hotels on first. Usually before I go to somewhere to travel I usually compare hotels prices on this website to save more money. Hopefully can help you all. Thank for reading. sorry if I have wrong.
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