KONBINI in japan

"KONBINI in japan "

Hey guys, Today I will write about the convenience store(Family Mart) in Japan, KONBINI means convenience store. The convenience stores is a very convenient and essential part of our life. There are more than 6000 in Tokyo. It's normally open 24 hours and everday,  Convenience store is very convenient but it might be a little be expensive than supermarket. In Family Mart there is a fresh make coffee latte cost only 100yen,  I like some convenience store such as like 7 Eleven, Lawson Station and Natural Lawson. If you want to eat some organic foods you can visit Natural Lawson there is some organic products. In convenience store you can buy drinks, foods, sweets, snacks and ice cream Etc.  And there is a ATM machine inside and if you want to photocopy anything you can find in convenience store pretty much of everthing.  Some convenience store there is a place to eat.  So do not worry about places to eat. And each of them are literally spectacular amazing brilliant I can not think of any more of good words to say about convenience that is brilliant. They are my fourvite things about Japan. genarally 1 person buy foods at convenience store about 500-700yen each time.  from my friend he told me that he usually spends on food for daily is about 1300yen.

Everyone knows Foods in japan is kind of expensive if you are a tourist who wants to travel around Japan I guess you have to buy your meals at convenience stores in Japan. Convenience stores are the best ways that you can save your money on your journey in Japan. and if you like many don't partically enjoy Japanese food or street food or in general local food in any country. Konbini (convenience store) is the best option for you.  if I have anything wrong about it
anyone comments on below. Thank you so much for reading. ありがとうございました ????

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