Some high building with nice view

"Some high building with nice view"

So today I am going to recommended your guys some of the high places,  hope your guys enjoy reading it and if there is something I said is wrong or anything free to comment below thank you. I feel a little bit overrated and also give you some tips and advice for when travelling those areas and let's set up with this one in the picture 'Tokyo Tower'.  And actually the center of Tokyo standing at 333 meters high.  Genarally people will visit Tokyo Tower  because is a popular tourist place and also serve as a broadcast antenna.  It's really quite high and the structure is an Eiffel Tower inspired letture color and is a symbol of Japan's post-war rebirth as a major economic power. The tower central location offers an interesting view of the city however for me as you like the view of Tokyo is not complete without Tokyo Tower and the picture itself the main observatory is only a hundred and fifty meters high. However, there are many other buildings in Tokyo that offer a higher or similar view three such a the frontier the "Tokyo Metropolitan government building"  which is 202 meters (664 feet tall) and offering a very high yet free view of the city "Caretta Shiodome"  also has a high view of the city. However the thing i love the most is you ride to the top.

The "Bunkyo Civer Center"  which is only 105 meters(344 feet) also offers a great 330 degree panoramic view of Tokyo. So rather than paying money and going up to Coachella. I think that is quite enjoyable looking at Tokyo tell from afar and actually there is a really nice spot just right next to Tokyo Tower that gives you a great view of it and you can also enjoy looking at the natural and maybe have a picnic with your friends or family its a great choice for here or something while looking at Tokyo Tower.  and you might will wait at here when its sunset i think it probally a nice choice too. And last there is also have a very nice temple which is called 'Zozoji temple' nearby where you can get a great view of Tokyo.   I like the temple in Japan much because every traditional temple as well all in one shot that is really cool.

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