Milk Tea but Without Milk and Tea is Released in Japan

Japan is known for its weird foods and drinks in the world. When you traveling to Japan, it is not surprise to find it across Japan. Most of the weird foods and drinks only can find in Japan. For instance, soft serve whitebait flavour, raw horse meat, mayonnaise milkshake and many kinds of weird foods and drinks. Dare to try? 
Japan is canned and bottled country. You can see lots of bottled and canned drinks everywhere such as convenience stores, department stores, vending machines and other souvenir shops. Many Japan’s beverage companies prefer to come out fun, unique and creative beverages to the market. Surprisingly, these weird beverages have become popular after released. Recently, I have tried a unique beverage bottled milk tea in Japan. This article is to share transparent milky tea flavoured water to you which released in this September by Suntory.
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Japanese beverage maker, Suntory has released a milk tea flavoured water called Premium Morning Tea Milk in September. It is similar to lemon tea flavoured water released earlier in April. This bottled milk tea is milk tea but without milk and tea. It is looks like plain bottled water and no color at all. Can you imagine what kind of the taste? It is totally transparent appearance and clear, not milk tea color. Actually, this water has a lot of aroma of milk tea and has a refreshing aftertaste. Suntory uses Assam tea leaves, and high quality of milk which are prefect for making milk tea. 
Drinking coloring beverage is considered not respect your superior or colleague during working hours in Japan. A bottled of Premium Morning Tea Milk released has bring a good news to the working people who can enjoy milk tea in the morning while working. In addition, it is also perfect for who hate the taste of plain water.
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Price: 115 yen (280ml) and 131 yen (550ml) 
If you plan travel to Japan recently, try visit your nearest convenience stores to get one Premium Morning Tea Milk at 115 yen for 280ml and 131 yen for 550ml. You don’t like milk tea? Why not buy one bottle to fool your friends. 
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