Ryokan Hotel in Kyoto

My stay at ryokan hotel in Kyoto.

I am going to share my experience about my stay in ryokan hotel while I was in Kyoto.

Finding a nice ryokan hotel in Japan can be tough, whats more the price, but putting that aside, I am beyond satisfied with my stay at Satoyu Mukashibanashi Yuzanso.

Satoyu Mukashibanashi Yuzanso
is located in Otsu in the region of Shiga (suburban of Kyoto) which they are famous for their hot spring. But sadly, I did not manage to take a picture of it.

So, I would like to share an experience I had about the hotel that I stayed for 3 days 2 nights. However do take note, the hotel quite a little pricey but I don't mind paying it due to these 5 reasons.

The 5 reasons are:

1. Location
It takes at least approx. 25 minutes to arrive at the hotel from Ogotoonsen Station by subway. 
2. Staff
They are really friendly staff that welcomed us with open arms and make us feel warmed. Their services are good too and make us feel comfortable with their services.

3.  Ambience
If you are looking for a quiet and chill place to stay while you in Japan. They have soft lightings and peaceful music which I think I feel calm.
View from my room at Satoyu Mukashibanashi Yuzanso Hotel

4. Hospitality
Shall I say Japan is renowned for its hospitality? Well hell yeah. I love their hospitality too! I mean, who doesn't?

5. Food
Well, I'm a Muslim and I eat halal food. I am contented that Yuzanso caters halal food and it's more convenient and advantageous for us. It's easier for us too. as we are served with breakfast and dinner. The picture below shows the halal food that we are being served! And its warm and cozy
So these are the pictures that I can share with you guys! 
Do visit/stay at their hotel if you come to Japan and if you don't mind forking out a little bit more to enjoy your stay here!

It's worth every penny and I really enjoyed staying there, even if it's only for 3 days and 2 nights only!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

Till then!

Satoyu Mukashibanashi Yuzanso Address:1-8-28 Ogoto, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture 520-0101, Japan

Ashe San