How to save on transportation on train

"How to save on transportation on train"

Hello everyone today I am going to write about how do you save money on transportation in Japan. As usual if I did write about anything wrong please comment below on the article thank you.  Hope you enjoy reading it. Japan's transportation infrastructure is legendary. Riding on train is an effortless joy they will never be late. Japan's trains are always clean, and the bullet trains really quite fast it speeds up to 320 km/hr.  And actually the best way to travel in Japan I think bullet train is the best choice thought. But it is a little bit of pricey especially the bullet trains. And the first thing is most foreigner travelers have when they come to Japan. It is get to the Japan Rail Pass.  Which is cost 46,000 yen you can travel the country freely for two weeks Shinkansen as known as the bullet train and local trains. You could save a little bit of money and have piece of mind along the way.  My recommendation is giving you an idea of how much you could save on your journey. if you are coming to japan for two weeks trip, you can visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. The cost of taking the bullet trains and a round trip would be around 43,000 yen. if you take into consideration other costs such as subway trains and buses, that would likely add up to another 10,000 yen. So it becomes 53,000 yen and at the minimum you are saving about 6000 yen. but maybe probably you can save more of your money. And next you should have see this it will save your precious time and tired of standing around at the ticket machine every time you want to take the trains for 2 weeks travelers buying train tickets and bus tickets, and that is a great way for considering it.  hope you guys will consider my advice thank everyone.

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