Japan's cheapest restaurants and foods

Japan's cheapest restaurants and foods

HEY HELLO こんにちは 大家好 hello everyone Now I am going to write about foods in Japan how do you save money on foods. Ok let's check it out now do you know the cheapest restaurant to eat in Japan are the kind of fast food restaurants. The three main one are "Sukiya, Yoshinoya and Matsuya" which you can find on most city streets accross the country.

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And all of which sell the same style of rice bowl dishes covered in toppings the most popular being Gyudon(beef bowl) which is thinly sliced beef. Actually on the bowl you can get rice, some sliced beef and three kind of cheese. All on the bowl and only for 490yen and is you order Gyudon without the cheese it costs only 350yen. It's really freaking quite cheap.  It is really very filling to our stomach I guess if I go to Japan I will really try to eat this dish with cheese one!! After you had this dish I think in 5 hours you wouldn't be hungry.  And also it comes with the sauce which is called Tabasco . Usually they will give you with the bowl come it is just give it to some flavor on the food.  This restaurant I think it is the best ideal for the travelers who wants to save more money and the food really not bad.  it difference with the western fast food Japan's fast food is healthier than western fast food.
Gyudon with cheese 490 yen
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Gyudon without cheese 350 yen
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Next, another cheap food option I would like to recommended you is the standing restaurant, dotted around train stations. Where you can order a bowl of Soba or Udon from the vending machines for as little as 400 yen only.  If you are hurry in time or you want to be quick for your meal you can just dive in and get a bowl of "Mushroom Soba".  even you are a saving money traveler you probably just come to eat only a bowl of rice with 3 kinds of cheese 2 weeks. OK these are the things I will write for this time thank to everyone for reading. If i have anything wrong about this article please tell me and comment below. Thanks

Mushroom Soba with only 400 yen
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