Nostalgia feels @ Ranma 1/2 30th Anniversary Exhibition

Popular 90s anime/ manga , Ramna 1/2.
I'm pretty sure a few will remember this anime ,maybe like me , when we were kids ,even though it's not even a kids anime , and you just watched it because your parents brought it thinking it was an anime for kids....

But even enjoyed it more now , re watching it and not knowing that it was funny and pure gold =p.

Anyways  the manga and anime may have ending a long time ago but now you can meet Ranma , his girl version , Akane , Shampoo ,his panda changing dad etc, this month at Ikebukuro Animate store.

Here you can take photos with your favourite character standees , see the original anime/manga art , Ranma 1/2 anime original cels and pick up some new cool and really cute goods for yourself, it's really hard to find much Ranma 1/2 merchandise now , so compared to most anime shops this pop up event has quite a huge selection of goods kinda.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Located on the 3rd floor of Ikebukuro's Animate ( once you get to that floor you'll see A Ranma sign greeting you.

As in the photo , you can see these merchandise once your near the pop up space .

Selling  blind boxes ( which you cannot choose your character so good luck).
There are 3 different blind boxes in this corner , you may notice some similar character that's not from Ranma , it's called Inuyasha , which is drawn from the same artist that created Ranma 1/2

Cospa line and Listen Flavour collaboration clothing , you can actually find the Listen Flavour collaboration items at Harajuku or Village Vanguard, the cospa line is the first time I've seen them in stores apart from the webstore. 

Art postcard blind box, this I recommend , the art is so pretty ~~ and much cheaper than an orginal artwork but still looks awesome... only thing is you can't choose which one... T^T.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Ryoga aka P-Chan (the black pig) and Ramna's dad in Panda form.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Of course the gashapon ( capsule toy machine) , this collection is a chibi form of the main characters. still tryna get the girl version Ranma and Shampoo...
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Some awesome artwork , my favourite piece is the Ranma boy and girl version.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken).

A cool little photo spot right here.
You may notice the background is the Ramen store Own by Shampoo and her Grand Granma.

*good news for Shampoo and Ranma 1/2 fans because in  November there will be a limited time Ranma 1/2 cafe , we can finally eat the Ramen that you see in the anime ( Shampoo's cat ramen store ramen), I will write about the cafe more in another article.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

For some reason this art piece reminds me of dragon ball z... kinda =p
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Ranma in Chinese style clothing
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Here's the cutie pie Shampoo , she's my fave ~~~

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Photo taken kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Other characters artwork
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Other colourful illustrations ... I wish they didn't do such a crappy job on the wallpaper ... , to be honest it would of looked better of they put the artwork on the actually wall.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Ranma1/2 anime cels unlike the artwork on walls you can't take photos of it ... but I did it anyways... sorry......... T^T I actually just notice until I saw the photo really , my bad , but it was so awesome that I didn't pay attendtion to the rules...

But I never knew how cool anime cels looked until I saw a bunch at Nakano Broadway.
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Don't forget to look at the other good corner , where you can get charms , hand towels , art print cookies , phone case and portable charger.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken).

Listen flavour collaboration bagdes, A3 collaboration goods ( only seen these here so you better get yourself some of these collaboration goods , which include  chopsticks , mirror , wall USB plug , case and I recommend trying your luck with the blind box badges , square and heart version , they're equally cute ... I have fallen victim to this blind set... still on it trying to get Shampoo on both versions .

Julia Lai