World Pocky and Pretz Day is just around the corner!

You may have heard before that there are days dedicated to certain foods around the world. For example, the 6th of July is Fried Chicken Day in the United States, October 1st is said to be International Coffee Day, and the 25th of October is World Pasta Day. If you'll be in Japan on November 11th this year, there's a fun foodie day that you may want to celebrate - and that's Pocky and Pretz Day!

Why is Pocky and Pretz day celebrated on November the 11th?

It all comes down to the way the date looks when written down, and the appearance of Pocky and Pretz. November the 11th is 11/11, which can be taken to resemble the stick-like treats themselves. The day has been marketed by Glico (the manufacturers of both Pocky and Pretz) since 1999.

What is the difference between Pocky and Pretz?

Pocky are dipped in various chocolate flavors, whereas Pretz are coated in seasonings. You'll find that Pretz flavors for the most part tend to be savory ones over sweet as well - although, a few sweet flavored Pretz varieties have been added to the repertoire over the years! 

The standard Pocky flavor is regular chocolate, but there have been flavors including coconut, almond, cookies and cream and many more. As for Pretz, some of the different varieties include tomato, salad, cheddar, and shrimp - but they have also released flavors like kona coffee and salted caramel Pretz before if you're more of a sweet tooth.

You'll find many different types of both Pocky and Pretz at convenience stores and supermarkets across the country, as well as retailers like Don Quijote.
If you'll be in Japan during November - specifically on the 11th - you've got a good reason to pick up a few packets of either Pocky or Pretz to enjoy for yourself, or to take home as souvenirs. Not that you need a particular reason, though!

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Snacking!

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