Guide to Winter's Ilummination

Winter can be dull, miserable, and cold in other countries. But not so in Japan. When winter comes, Tokyo will be transformed into a bedazzled town full of beautiful lightings and sceneries where everyone can enjoy and forget about the cold. No matter who you are with, whether it is your partner, family, friends or even by yourself, these light shows will definitely make you feel all fuzzy and bring a smile to your face. So, let's check out the most majestic illuminations of the winter's illuminations.

Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination
youtube.comCaretta Shiodome winter's illuminations are now in their 11th year. It is often ranked as the best winter illumination. With 25,000 LED lights all around the place and accompanied by music, the illumination will happen every 20 minutes. This would be a perfect place for you to take an evening stroll. 

P.S. The mall will be closed on Jan 1 and 2, 2018.

Duration: Nov 17, 2017 ~Feb 14, 2018 (17:00 ~23:00)

Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination

The next place with superb winter illuminations that I would recommend would be Tobu Zoo, Saitama.  Tobu Zoo's annual illumination includes 500,000 lights pulsating to music, enhancing the beauty of the Flower Garden and the enclosures of popular animals such as the white tigers and penguins.

Duration : Oct 28, 2017 ~Feb 12, 2018

Tokyo Tower Christmas Illumination

tokyocheapo.comTokyo Tower winter illumination is perfect for a romantic, elegant night out. These illuminations offer a perfectly classy way to enjoy the evening and the winter lights as it is accompanied by a majestic Christmas tree, and soundtracked by everybody's favorite Christmas songs. So cuddle together with your partner under the tree and watch the twinkling lights of the iconic tower before your eyes.

Duration : Nov 3 , 2017 ~ Dec 25, 2017 (16:00 ~ midnight)

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination
tokyocheapo.comNow, Tokyo Dome City is well known for its very creative winter illuminations. This year, Tokyo Dome returns with another tempting theme - sweets! Structures and displays, including the Hansel and Gretel cottage will be draped with more than 2 million LEDs. Sit back and admire the lights with your loved ones this winter at Tokyo's favorite amusement park. 
Duration : Nov 9,2017 ~ Feb 18, 2018; 16:00 ~midnight (After 17:00 tickets : ¥ 1,600, Dec 23 ~ 25: ¥1,800)

So, what do you think? Christmas is truly an amazing season to enjoy these illuminations.

Yvaine Yvonne