A secret greatest shop in japan you must visit, cheap and nice and tax-free

Hello guys,  next month is December so Christmas is coming soon.  Merry early Christmas everyone!! Like every year I think everyone must be confronted with the annual conundrum of what present you want to buy for your friends and your family.  But actually I do not really have many friends . But ANYWAY  I have my family to take care So when it is Christmas I have  think about how to celebrate Christmas with my wife and my family only.  But the good news is when you are in Japan when you want to buy Christmas' presents or things but you do not know what is the things you want to buy. There is a nice amazing shop to get your mission done. The shop name it is called "Don Quijote" and it is huge, giant emporium. Which is a tax-free shop and some stores open for 24 hours A giant discount gift store where you can find pretty much anything in here.  Except dinosaur  and self worth. You can especially find bizarre. poorly branded items.  Next,  this is the first shop that i discovered there is black man underwear inside this shop. Anyway if you need some ideas and inspiration for buying things Then yes "Don Quijote" this is the right place that you should visit to. There are really many things you can buy here such as foods, snacks, costumes, clothes, souvenirs, cosmetic, plush, earphone cable, watches and mask etc.  thank your guys so much for reading my article. if there is any questions or anything please comment.

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Vending machine costume, it is got the exact quote you would use "I am a vending machine" if you were wearing this costume. Will you go to a party dressed as a post box costume or a vending machine costume? or you would like to give it to your friends and family tell them to wear to a party!
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It is going to be Christmas, Don Quijote is a great place for stoking fillers.  There are many mask in the shop such as Mr. Michael Jackson's Mask, clown's mask and Christmas's mask etc. And yeah Christmas is coming soon on next month so we should buy the Christmas's mask right.
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