[Food Review] My Sashimi and Nabe experience in Nagoya

Hi guys, it's Christine Doan here. Today I'm gonna share with you the first time I have ever eaten the real Sashimi and Nabe "made in Japan". This is actually an underground restaurant and is right next to our hotel in Nagoya.
The underground restaurant - photo by Christine Doan
Okay,  let's get into the first part, which is the overview of the restaurant. As I told you, this restaurant actually lies underground, therefore, it is quite spacious. Still, it lends a very rustic charm and actually gives you a special feeling of entering the traditional Japanese food shop in the 19th century. As I walked into the restaurant, I was most impressed by the waitresses wearing the traditional costume of Japan - kimono, greeting  " Arigatou Gozaimatsu ". This restaurant is divided into several different small rooms of about 10m2 and suitable for 4 to 6 people, which secures your privacy. This is the very special feature that I like the most in many Japanese restaurants. The kimono girls led us into one of the rooms, which was lighted by the centre lantern and told us to order for our foods.

It actually took us quite a long time, around 15 minutes to order food, mainly because we could not wholeheartedly agree on which food and drink to call . Finally, we decided to head for Sashimi, Nabe and Sakae.
Sashimi Bowl for 4 people - photo by Christine Doan
This is the whole bowl of Sashimi for 4 people. 4 small cups around it are hot Sakae cups, which best suit the cold and rainy winter days of Nagoya.
There were five different types of raw fish served in the bowl. I don't remember exactly the names of all fish, but I was particularly fond of the salmon. As you can see, there was also smashed turnip and sliced lemons to boost the freshness and taste of this amazing dish.
My sashimi dish with soy sauce - photo by Christine Doan
This is a single dish for one person. The fish was awesome, it was raw but not stinking, I mean you actually know that it is raw, but you may not smell or taste it the way you know. The small bowl in the middle was soy sauce, which they said was for the  fish slices. However, I strongly recommend you to solely eat the slices without dipping them into the sauce, as I'd prefer the natural taste of a fresh raw fish. Judging by how the fish was carefully chopped, I understand the cooks have devoted all their passion and skills into creating this awesome dish. This is another special feature that I really love when seeing Japanese foods.

After Sashimi, we had some Nabe but sadly, I only took the  photo of my single bowl.
My nabe bowl - Photo by Christine Doan

To be honest, the Nabe was not as good as I expected. The broth was a little too salty and would have been much better if they had supplied us with some noodles, just like the Vietnamese usually do with our " Lau" - a kind of Vietnamese broth with raw foods like chicken, beef and vegetables and some noodles. Anyway, the raw food was quite good. We had mushrooms, cabbage, onions, some chicken, tofu and sausage. Except for the fact that the chicken was a little too tough and the broth was quite salty, Nabe was fine though it did not really live up to my expectations.

So for this meal, it would be a 8.5/10 for Sashimi and 6.5/10 for Nabe.
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Christine Doan