Check out the best illuminations in Japan - at a flower park!

Headed to Japan in the winter months? You might be a bit envious of folks that have experienced Japan during the beautiful cherry blossom season, or the changing leaves of fall -- and you might be wondering "well, what's going to be in bloom when I'm visiting?!"

One of my favorite ways to inject a bit of color into the wintertime months here in Japan is to check out some of the many illuminations that are held across the country. The illumination that was judged as the best of 2016, and also looks to be bringing the goods this year is held at Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture, which makes for a pleasant day trip if you're using Tokyo as a home base for your Japan vacation.

via Ashikaga Flower Park Facebook Page

The illumination event here is in its 16th year running - and it's one of the largest events in Japan, with over 4 million lights on display! They have a few separate illumination events running - there's the "Light and Flower Collaboration" which has been running from October the 21st and goes through until mid-November, then there's the "Flower Park Christmas" illuminations from late November through to late December, and finally their New Year's Illuminations which run from New Year's Day to the 4th of February. 

What to expect

The pictures below are just some of what Ashikaga Flower Park have displayed on their Facebook page. There's more pictures to check out if you head on over to that link, but these are some of my favorites!

Getting There

If you're headed to the Ashikaga Flower Park by public transportation, the closest train station is Tomita Station. There are several different train lines you can take to get there depending on where you're departing from, but from Tokyo if you take a combination of Shinkansen routes and local lines to complete the journey you're looking at about an hour and 15 minutes transit time one way.

Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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