How to travel around the city of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the 5th largest population in Japan. Therefore, public transportation are excellent and convenient to access to various sightseeing spots in Fukuoka city. When you travel from somewhere else to Fukuoka airport, just 5 minutes away from airport to Hakata station. Sound good? Indeed, the best way to get to city is subway. However, there are many other options to choose from to visit around the city and also various attractions. This article provides you how to travel around the city of Fukuoka by JR line, subway, bus, cycling and taxi.

1) JR Line / Train
It is convenient to get a ride all around Fukuoka prefecture by JR line. The trains connect major cities from Hakata station or Nishitetsu line from Tenjin station allows you travel to more sightseeing spots. You can take JR Kashii and Kagoshima main lines to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park and travel to Dazaifu Temmangu via Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta line. The train of Fukuoka is located in Tenjin and directly connected to Dazaifu. Therefore, you can visit to river cruising in Yanagawa and Dazaifu Tenmangu area. The fare starts at 150 yen which is very cheap compare with other public transportation. 
Fares       : check the ticket via JR Kyushu and Nishitetsu Train centre
Website: (JR line) 
             (Nishitetsu train)
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2) Subway 
There have 3 subway lines in this area of the city including Airport line, Nanakuma line and Hakozaki line. It is not cheap if you take subway in Fukuoka, but faster and convenient to you. It is take 5 minutes from Fukuoka airport to Hakata station and 11 minutes to Tenjin station. Price range around 200-300 yen and the trains run from 5.30am to 12.30am where run every 3-6 minutes during rush hour. You may buy one day all you can ride pass is 620 yen (adult) and the pass is sold at every station. 
Fares       : 200-300 yen & 620 yen (one day pass) 
Nishitetsu bus runs throughout Fukuoka city and almost cover all locations. The buses mainly arrive and depart from Hakata Kotsu Center and Tenjin bus center. The bus network also cover Kyushu area where is the largest outlet mall in Fukuoka. If you plan to Hakata, Tenjin and Nakasu, for sightseeing, 100 yen loop bus is recommended. You can get a ride only 100 yen no matter where you are getting off. Fukuoka is always traffic, so please ensure you have time to spare when you need to take loop bus. 
Fares       : 100 yen (for loop bus) 
Website: (Nishitetsu bus) 
             (loop bus) 
Fukuoka city is a quite easy to get around by bicycle. The city has wide cycling paths and safe such as around Fukuoka castle and Ohori Park. Renting bicycle is available in the city such as Fuku-Chari, Seaside Bike, Poi-Chari, Migrant Cycling and many other rental bicycle shops. The shops have delivery and pick up bicycle service. They will deliver to your hotel or your preferred drop-off spot and pick up when you want to return the bicycle. The price range of renting bicycles from 1,500 yen to 2,200 yen per day depending on the model. 
Fares       : 1,500 yen to 2,200 yen 
Website: (for Migrant Cycling)
             (for Poi-Chari) 
             (for Seaside Bike) 
             (for Fuku-Chari) 
For people who like to visit around major sightseeing spots from the comfort seat, the open top buses are the perfect idea. A two-story open top bus takes you around Fukuoka city at 1,540 yen per adult and 770 yen per child. There have three courses including the downtown Hakata course, Seaside Momochi course and Fukuoka Sparkling night course. Normally the night tour take 70-80 minutes ride from Hakata to Fukuoka Tower and day tours take 60 minutes in Fukuoka city. Go to their website for getting more detail of reservation. 
Fares       : 1,540 yen (adult per course), 770 yen (child per course) 
Sightseeing by taxi is only for the tourists who has limited time in the city. A basic fare of standard taxi is 580 yen within the Fukuoka city. Of course some premium taxi’s fare may higher than standard taxi due to they offer higher quality service. In Fukuoka city, you also can find taxi or van tours of points of interest in a small group of up to 4 or 9 passengers.  
Fares       : 580 yen (standard taxi), 4,100 yen – 21,500 yen (hour per tour) 
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