Trip to Tokyo – A First Timer’s Plans and Expectations – Day 5

Hello there, fellow traveller!

This day goes by the motto “Shibuya Power!!” as being cued in a wonderful German adventure game called "Harvey’s New Eyes".
We start off in Shibuya and work our way through Harajuku and north to Shinjuku.

There’s no other way to start this day, than to pay respect at the statue of Hachiko. Did you know there’s a similar story about a dog in Edinburgh, Scottland. His name was Greyfriars Bobby, but instead of waiting for his owner, he spend fourteen years guarding his owner’s grave.
I’m a bit terrified, but there’s hardly a way around Shibuya Crossing. I wonder how crowded it will be at 10am. Not as much as during rush hour, that's for sure. I actually made extra sure we won't ride any trains during 7-9am (honestly, getting up THAT early? We're on vacation after all!) and between 5-7pm. I heard evening rush hour isn't as bad because people leave work in a larger time span.
And I don't think coming back to Shibuya Crossing in the evening is worth the hassle.
By this time Ramen Ichiran shouldn’t be too well-visited either, so we hope that we are able to miss out on standing in line. It’s this day’s breakfast and lunch. Good thing it’s open 24/7.
Ramen is one of my favourite meals in Germany and I’m curious how different it tastes in Japan. Everyone says it tastes so much better in Japan and Ichiran is supposed to be one of the best ramen restaurants.
You get to customize your ramen by circling your preferences on a paper sheet. They note which options are recommended, so a first-timer like me won't pick a terrible combination by accident, because I wouldn't know any better.

With a full stomach there’s not much you can do. We’ll have a look at the Disney Store (yes, another one) and Mugiwara Store amongst others.
Sadly, I’m actually not as interested in One Piece as I used to be. Ever since the time skip in 2010 my love has decayed. Still, I’m in for at least some merch and I always wanted to visit One Piece Tokyo Tower
To help digestion, singing karaoke at Joysound is highly recommended by the doctor. Just for about an hour, there’s more shopping to do. But as I’ve told you, I wanted to check out all the different karaoke box companies.
There are a few stores in Harajuku that I want to check out. You know, roam around Takeshita Street for a while. I totally want to bring home some Japanese fashion. I’m a small and slim person, delightfully fitting into Japanese sizes. 
Yes, we got some crepe the day before, but Harajuku crepe are also kind of famous. Also, crepe are delicious, which makes them perfect for an afternoon snack!
You know how we skipped Tokyo Skytree the day before? Day 5 is the day, we get our view over the city! Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is a great place to get some awesome shots at the observation deck and it’s free for anyone to visit. No 2.000 Yen admission fee, thank you. There’s an expensive café up there but I don’t think you have to get yourself a coffee or cake.
Back to being nerds, there’s Taito Station Game World to explore. On their website, they advertise how you can pay by electronic money cards, i.e. Suica. And you can exchange money from foreign currencies to Yen at some Taito Stations.
There are so many UFO-catchers with prizes and virtual games to try… by the end of the day, I’m probably packed with clothes and plushies. Somebody needs to stop me.
Not far from Taito Station there’s an Okonomiyaki Shabu-Shabu restaurant, which we want to try. Two German YouTubers were there a few years ago and filmed themselves while they prepared their own okonomiyaki. It looked kind of fun and also very delicious. So thanks to Google Maps we found the place.

Before heading to Golden Gai, we make a small detour to visit Square Enix Artnia Café. Not necessarily for dessert, but probably for some merchandise. Maybe for dessert, too.
I’m looking forward experiencing the famous night life of Golden Gai. Actually, I’m not much of a beer fan. That is German beer, though. I would like to try some Japanese beer and sake. Maybe we can engage into some kind of conversation with the locals. I hope that it will be a fun evening.

Kiara Threepwood