Calling all Big Bang Fans!

Any Big Bang fans coming to Tokyo any time soon, you may have miss the Krunk X Big Bang Beach already, not to worry because there's two new Big Bang X Krunk Pop Ups going on at Harajuku Kiddyland and Shibuya's Marui OIOI, best thing is that Shibuya and Harajuku are close so its really easy to vist both Pop Ups on the same day.

Other than Pop ups you can find some Big Bang Kujis, prizes at crane games and you can go to Aori Ramen opened by Big Bang's Seungri

For those who doesn' t Know who Krunk is , he is A bear from YG, he may have angry eyes but hes pretty cute and cuddly :).

Since these are both Krunk version collaborations , sadly the Big Bang member merchadise will all be in Krunk Bear form but its just as cute and easy to reconsied each member.

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KiddyLand X Krunk Big Bang

Located at Harajuku's Kiddyland 1F (HotSpot)
Featuring Krunk in Big Bang's FXXK IT.

How to Tell Which Member Guide:
Pink hair with Shoulder Fur = T.O.P
Rainbow Jacket with Hat =GD
Locks with Blue Jacket = Taeyang
Pink Fur with Gloves = Seungri
Red Jacket = Daesang

Items List
T-Shirt T.O.P, GD, Taeyang, Seung-ri and Daesang
All Members (2 Colours) Tote Big
All Members (2 Colours) Tote Small
Fxxk IT Krunk X Big Bang Charm ( 5 designs, Blind Box)
Fxxk It Big Bang mini Plushies
All Member Towels
Big Bang Plushie Coin Purse
Big Bang Plushie Mini Bag
Sqaure Design Coin Pouch
Mini String Bag

There will be some merchandise from the last MADE Big Bang X Krunk Pop up , i saw they had some Blind Boxs, Pencil Cases and Memo Stick-its.
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From Kiddyland i mangage to buy T.O.P and GD plushies ( so cute~) also a memo post it T.O.P Version
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Shibuya Marui OIOI

Located At Shibuya Marui 1F Pop Up Area.

How to Tell Which Member Guide:
Pink Hair with Cape = T.O.P
Witch Hat with Earings = GD
2 Coloured Hair = Taeyang
Grey Hair = Daesung
Bandages = Seungri

Item List
Tote Bag
Wahi Tape ( Random Choice only ,5 Designs)

Food Item List
Member Popcorn With Plastic Jar ( 5 Flavours for Each Flavour) , recommend to try T.O.P's Green Tea Flavour Popcorn 
Big Bang Members Face Mochi
Big Bang Face Bubble Gum
Big Bang Marshmallow
Candy Pack
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Photo Taken By Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
The 3 item i brought
Lucky i got the T.O.P Version Washi Tape
T.O.P Green Tea Popcorn
T.O.P Bubble Gum ( its cute but doesn't taste that nice =P)

Be Sure to Visit some Crane Game Places because you'll find some Big Bang X Krunk prizes
Note* not all locations has all prizes, also other release prizes will be still in store in various stores.
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Big Bang Krunk Lunch Box (5 designs)

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Xmas Edition *new prize

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Plushie Tube Version * new prize

other prizes include
Hand Warmer Plush
Mini Plush
Water Bottles

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Big Bang Kuji Lottery 
680 yen each turn
Find at Lawson and HMV (some stores might not have this kuji)

A Kuji Lottery is a lottery that never loses , so many try is a winner.

If you're feeling hungry be sure to go to Roppongi to try Aori Ramen, that is owned by Big Bang's Seungri 
Also if these aren't enought to statisfy you and you can't go to Seoul , be sure to go to Shin Okubo ( Korean Town),
you can find a lot of Big Bang Merchandise , drink Big Bang Coffee in a cafe and also eat at the resturant that Big Bang Filmed at.

Julia Lai