Every Girls Favorite Hello Kitty

A guide to find everyones favorite Hello Kitty.
Hello Kitty is almost everywhere in Japan , so i'll introduce some more special Hello Kitty items rather then the ones you can get almost anywhere.

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Photo Taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Also the plush can only be brought at diver city mall .

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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)
GINZA Mitsukoshi Mall did a Hello Kitty Fair for Hello Kitty's Birthday Week
B2 and B3 some corners will be selling Hello Kitty themed food, its easy to find in these busy floors because if that corner is selling a limited Hello Kitty food item there will a Hello Kitty Plushie on the counter top to help you find the collaboration stores.


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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)

The cutest apple i have ever eaten , its quite espensive then your averge apple but its really cute and you can't resist to try one,
it basically a apple with a hello kitty printed on it.   
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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)

A Hello Kitty Bento Box inside with Hello Kitty Inari Sushi , YES PLEASE!!, not only can you eat this nice bento but you also get the cute hello kitty lunch box as well.
Tastewise i think it tatse wuite nice and since i don't make my own bento lunch i can still use th box to hide my candies.
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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)
Hello Kitty Shaped Snacks
Flavours : chocolate, custard and apple.
You can find these cute snacks at Odaiba's Divercity , just outside the Hello Kitty Japan Store (you can find Gudetama shaped ones as well).
The best one is Chocolate because it has some crunchy parts in it , its best eaten warm but still good when cold.
Also recomend for a social media upload!   
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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)
Hello Kitty Cake and Chocolates.

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Photo Via (mitsukoshi.mistore.jp)

The Birthday Week maybe over but theres still a few more special hello kitty you can still find/get.

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Photo Via (sanrio.co.jp)
Happening this weekend, you can find a Hello Kitty Wagon Cafe ' Miracle Gift Parade'.

Food items
Hello Kitty Donuts
Hello Kitty Sweet Pie
Hello Kitty Cider Drink

Hello Kitty Tote Bag
Hello Kitty Mascot
Hello Kitty Key Holder
Hello Kitty Tote Pink

Customers that buy 10 items will recieve a Miracle Gift Parade Bag

Find this wagon near the sports arena ( Women's V League NEC Red Rockets Match) only on 18-19 November

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Photo Via (sanrio.co.jp)
Hello Kitty Meet Bottles
If you happen to be in Tokyo or Osaka , you'll see some people lining up for a huge hello kitty milk bottle in various locations.
Basically you have to touch the bottle (perfectly at the same time as the other person your connected to), until you see some one pop up on the screen,
give a friendly wave and then touch until the whole bottle lights up again, to get a special hello kitty milk bottle (sorry not real milk) but you get a cute sticker inside.

If your a fan of this milk meet series, you can find some items being sold at sanrio stores

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Photo Via (samantha.co.jp)

Of course you can get some more fashionable items at Samantha Thavasa Stores

Ic Holders
Iphone case
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You can find a whole floor dedicated to this collaboration in the Harajuku Store
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Since November 1st is Hello Kitty's Birthday , November will be fulled with Hello Kitty Collaborations , but almost every month they will be at least one new Hello Kitty collaboration anyways.

Happy Finding ~

Julia Lai