Sweets to Add to your List

Its time to update your neverending 'Must eat Sweets' list , no matter which dates you visit Tokyo, there will surely be at least one new snack/dessert sweets you'll wanna try out.
Tokyo desserts/ snacks are always so attactive looking and you just wana try it out or simply  just wanna take a photo to upload on Instagram etc.
No matter your age , because everyone loves a good dessert to statsify and complete your long trip.
My new article will include New trends or Old Famous Favourites.
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The Zoo Ice Cream Shop
Located at Harajuku (150-0001, 3-20-7, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo)

It was opened in September this year , so its kinda new store, its like a mini zoo but instead of seeing real life animals, you can enjoy a nice sweet treat in the image of a cute animal like a Koala , Elepant, Panda, Tiger and Pig.
Like most ice cream treats is cost 500yen , so its cute, cheap and a perfect photo opptunity.
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So if your in Harajuku , why not have a cute animal ice cream instead of  the usual crepe.

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Located at Tokyu Hands Harajuku , Hands Cafe X Kapribara San
Being a Sweet fantic , its always so hard to choose the prefect dessert, well luckly the Kapribara san collaboration menu includes a Creme Brulee X Chocolate Brownie , it may not have his little face on it but its sure looks nice and quite delious. its not that sweet , the cream is so soft and fluffy , almost like eating a cloud ;).
You also get a cute postcard and lunch mat to take home, even through the collaboartion is over , i you can order a simlar combi dessert like this anytime.
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Photo Taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
Of course good coffee is a must to accompany those sweets, Tokyo does a lot of collaboration cafes and the drink menu always has a cute character on the coffee,
who knows maybe your favourite anime is doing a limited cafe so be sure to get a picture coffee, because normal coffee just aren't cute enough for photos.
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Photo Taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
Still in Harajuku/ Shibuya , well your sweet day isn't over because you have to (HAVE TO!) try this Hokkaido Milk Soft Cream Serve
Located at Milk (Harajuku JUSTIN Gingumae 3-25-18 Shibuya-ku Tokyo)
I might have already written about this soft serve but this soft serve is by far my favouritist soft serve i have ever had !.
It has a more milk taste to it compare to most places and cost the same 500 yen for one .
So this is highly recommend soft serve to try in Tokyo~
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Location at J-world Ikebukuro's Shineshine City (J Food Court)
Limited Gintama Menu
Do you have a sweet tooth like Gintama's Gintoki, well its your chance to eat like him
Limited during the gintama event at J-world , you can try this sweet bento like dish.
Includes Rice , Croquettes, Anko wheel cakes, Anko Mochi , Odango, Strawberry and toast (Gintoki board is edible but taste like nothing)
This is prefect japanese like dessert to try out its not extremely the best but it does statisfy Gintoki / Gintama fans and sweet tooth lovers during a fun day at J-world.
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Located at One Piece Tower ( Franky's Cola Bar)
You don't have to get the Child Robin Purin cup at One Piece tower but i do recommend you to try it here or another place like Q-pot cafe (the take away one) and also you can find at supermarkets or Convienient stores.
Purin is a japanese creme pudding that taste like caramel with custard, its a nice simple dessert to try out, you can get it at many places around Japan.
The ones at One Piece tower include a cute charm , the one at Q-pot Cafe are quite yum, i have tried it when i brought the sailor moon cup during the collaboration.
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Photo Taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
Located at Calbee.
You must try the fresh cooked calbee chips at serval calbee stores, most popular is the vegetable and cheese flavour but if you want to get sweet flavours,
you can order the chocolate sauce or add soft serve to your chips.
One chip i do recommend to , that you can only buy at calbee stores is the Ebi Choco Stick chips, which is chocolate flavoured prawn stick chips , it may sound weird but trust me its actually quite nice , so why not~ :)
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Located at mini stop.

If you want to try this you can buy from Mini Stop Convenience stores, you also get this cute hello kitty cup.
But other then this be sure to try some convenience store sweets like at Lawson , defianly try the uchi series its more expensive then the usual ones but its a bit more luxury then it kinda.

Thats all for now, i will be doing more must eat sweets in the future hope you'll keep reading thanks and stay sweet everyone!!

Julia Lai