Okinawa's coffee paradise

When you think of Okinawa, you think of endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water, summer, sunshine and island spirit. 
But did you know that there is a hidden paradise within the paradise? A paradise for coffee lovers?

A place where you can smell the divine scent of freshly ground coffee on a warm island day. Where making coffee is almost spiritual, a true art form. 
It's a bit off the beaten path but if you love coffee, this place will make your heart soar with joy and it is definitely worth the journey!

So what is this little paradise and where can you find it, you ask? 
It's called Okinawa Cerrado Coffee Beans Store and it is located in Minatogawa, Urasoe, just north of Naha.
The shop is easy to spot with its bright green door and window frames and even before you enter the shop, your senses will be greeted by the irresistible smell of high quality coffee.

The coffee is made from beans, that are selected according to their level of sweetness, and then roasted in store. Usually, the stock over 14 different kinds of coffee which can be overwhelming to choose from. But fear not, the Barista is always happy to give advice and recommendations according to your taste in coffee.

You can buy coffee beans in store, which they will grind for you if desired. This not only allows you to enjoy some excellent coffee at home, but also makes for a great gift for anyone who appreciates a superb cup of coffee.

The shop's coffee menu features hot and cold brews, iced coffee, French press coffee and hand-drip coffee, lattes.... A coffer lover's heaven! 

You can feel the Barista's dedication to his craft with every coffee that is prepared. It is truly a joy to witness him measure the coffee, prepare the water so it has just the right temperature, or use the intimidatingly fancy looking machinery in the back of the shop to roast the beans.

Okinawa Cerrado Coffee Beans Store has been founded in 1988 and is now considered one of the best coffee shops in Okinawa. And the shop's success is absolutely understandable once you had the chance to witness the passion and dedication that goes into making their first class coffee.

So if you are in Okinawa, don't miss out on this chance to enjoy some incredibly delicious coffee!
Here is where you can find the shop!

Happy adventuring!

Nami Komorebispirit