Scenic view in Nikko - prepare to be impressed

The small town of Nikko,  located about an hour from Tokyo., by Shinkanen, is the home of  Nikko National Park. Without being rude, you can say that the city simply serves as an entrance to the national park, as most people come to the little station town to see all the beautiful things that the National Park has to offer. 
When you arrive to Nikko, you enter from the station onto a small main street that leads directly to the national park. The town is small and provides a nice, rat atmosphere of being far away from bustle, noise and flashing lights. 
The sanctuary Toshogu, considered one of the most lavishly decorated sanctuaries in the country, is home to the Tokugawa Ieyasu Mausoleum. Tokugawa is the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate. The temple and the area is one of the most ornate of its kind throughout Japan. The place guarded by guards like items can be seen here. 
The mountainous landscapes that contain hot springs, waterfalls and hiking trails have been a center for the cultivation of Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship through the centuries before the Toshogu Shrine was built in the 17th century. If you are lucky you can see wild monkeys on one of the hiking trails. 

The area around Nikko and Okunikko is especially famous for the autumn colors, which have a very distinctive character - colors called Koyo. During the year the colors of the landscape begin to fade all the way up the heights of the mountains, to end down in the city of Nikko in the first half of November.

Roland Vogt