Secure a Seat at the cute Korilakkuma Cafe

Another cute collaboration cafe is heading to us soon.
This time Omotesando Box And Space is doing a cute collaboration again and its with Rilakkuma's cute little friend Korilakkuma.
Korilakkuma is already cute now she's wearing a cat costume which makes here even cuter x100!!!!!
Like the earlier Sailor Moon Collaboration , this cafe is a reserve only cafe.

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Korilakkuma Gaparolice
This is by far the cutest korilakkuma themed Gaparolice ever , compared  to all i've eaten and seen , this ones is too cute~
Gaparolice dish with Coconut Soup 
Topped with two prawn crackers , chicken and rice accompanied with a heart coconut soup , its seems to be quite a Thai style.
Caparolice is a thai styled popular dish thats usually always done in rilakkuma related collaboration cafes.

4666e407cc399f7d73e2653ac1084bc3.jpg 270.1 KB

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Korilakkuma Omulet Rice
A really cute Omurice!
Looks like a really fluffy omulet , topped with a tomatoe ,with a rice shaped Korilakkuma on top, decorated with vegetable shaped hearts,
a light small salad topped with a kitty and is plated with a pan.

p_web_main_02_1114.jpg 294.1 KB
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Korilakuma Bonquet Salad with Chowder
By far this is the most favorite on my list :)
OMG! this salad is so pretty and cute~ and looks really fresh and on the top list for a awesome photo
Like a real bonquet but with fresh salad instead , even has the ribbon (rather eat this than recieve real flowers haha), with butter and bread and
a clam chowder ( jar maybe sauce).

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Korilakkuma's fun fun Donut
A quite playful dessert (sometimes its ok to play with your food , well for the right reasons).
A fun and customizable dessert
Colour Puff
Chocolate Sauce
Rainbow Sprinkles
Rock Candy
Vanilla Milk
Nut Mixture
Custom to your liking , a new way to enjoy yourself at a relaxing cafe, its kinda like the PINO Cafe concept.

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Korilakkuma Parfait
Yes finally a cute Parfait full of Strawberries , waffle textured mochi with cute little Korilakkuma ice cream on top.

eedaaacc19e39943c54466ca680fd27f.jpg 278.25 KB
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Korilakkuma Nyan Chan French Toast
A refreshing yellow french toast , accompanied by cream and fruit, and a syrup.
A sweet and sour taste.

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I Love Korilakkuma Chocolate Strawberry Drink
A pink strawberry and chocolate flavored Tapioca Drink.

p_web_drink_01_1114.jpg 198.71 KB
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Korilakkuma Hot Strawberry Latte
The cutest drink on the menu , another cute and must order art latte , even the cup has rilakkuma on it and with a wooden spoon a
with strawberry on top.

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Korilakkuma take out bun 

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Take out Lemon Tea with Korilakkuma cup

Of course they will be selling original Korilakkuma Cafe Collaboration items to take home.

Goods List
3 Designs Coaster
2 Limited Design Clear Folder
Korilakkuma Die Cut Sticker
Pass Case
3 Design Charm
Rilakkuma Pink Cup
6 Designs Korilakkuma Badges
2 Design Washi Tape
2 Design Tea Can
corster02.jpg 92.94 KB
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Coaster Design 2 Hugging version

corster03.jpg 94.49 KB
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Coaster Design 3 Heart Version

corster01.jpg 111.12 KB
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Coaster Design 1 Neko Group Version

file01.jpg 151.45 KB
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Pink Limited Clear Folder

file02.jpg 179.75 KB

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Blue Limited Clear Folder

sticker.jpg 144.03 KB

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Korilakkuma Die Cut Sticker

postcard.jpg 155.64 KB

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Korilakkuma Postcards

mirror.jpg 109.47 KB
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Korilakkuma Heart Korilakkuma Mirror

PVCpasscase.jpg 79.17 KB

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Korilakkuma Pass Case

acrylickychain01.jpg 105.47 KB

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Charm Heart

acrylickychain02.jpg 110.29 KB

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Charm Group

acrylickychain03.jpg 112.05 KB

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Charm Neko

7b45de1512cee27a7754f74b282843e2.jpg 98.66 KB
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Washi Tape 2 Design

mag.jpg 73.16 KB
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Rilakkuma Mug

badge.jpg 145.62 KB
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6 Design Badges

67e426d2b63845d7f751c664dea0660e.jpg 95.67 KB
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Korilakkuma Tea Tin

Reserve At :
Date: 7th December  2017 to 14th January  2018
Address: 1F, 5-13-2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Julia Lai