Sendai Sushi Lovers' Delight

Tohoku is famous amongst food lovers for having some of the best sushi and sashimi in all of Japan. With the Pacific Ocean coast nearby, the fish and seafood is extraordinarily fresh and of course many restaurants take great pride in aiming to deliver the highest possible quality of sushi and everything seafood related.
So if you are heading towards Miyagi for your next trip and are looking for some incredible sushi that will make you forget any nigiri or maki roll you ever had before, I urge you to visit this particular sushi restaurant gem: Hokushin Sushi in Sendai JR Station.

But first to clear out any confusion: there are actually two Hokushin restaurants in the station! One is located on the 3rd floor, where sushi is served at the counter only and you will have to stand, no seats are provided. 
However if you go down to the ground floor, take the West exit and turn right you will find the second Hokushin near the coin locker area. If you make your way there between 11am and 2pm, you will already see the queue that forms outside the restaurant regularly. At this Hokushin you can sit down, either at the counter or at one of the tables.

Once you queued your way in, head for a counter seat if possible. Watching the chefs diligently mould the rice and applying the various types of fresh fish is just mesmerizing! They have a few different sushi sets that come with a variety of nigiri sushi and a mild ebi shrimp soup. 
Another popular dish is the Uni-don, a bowl of sushi rice topped with fresh uni and scallops. Uni might not be everyone's favorite, given the fact that eating a bowl of reproductive glands of sea urchins might not sound very appealing. 

The sushi set we chose came with a variation of tuna, hotate (scallop), ikura (salmon roe), ebi (shrimp), ika (squid), some uni (the famous sea urchin), lightly grilled katsuo (Skipjack tuna), kazonoko (herring roe) and  kampachi (Almaco jack). All extremely fresh and created with the absolute attention to detail that compliments the high quality of the seafood.

Our set came at around 2000 Yen each, which makes it a bit pricier than your average kaiten sushi, but I think the price is well deserved given that the quality of the sushi is just amazing. Paired with a nice glass of nihonshu (rice wine) and the typical atmosphere of a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant, Hokushin is definitely worth queuing for!
If you want to check out their homepage (Japanese only) or if your mouth is already watering and you want to try this incredible sushi yourself, hop on the next train and make your way to this sushi lovers' paradise!

Happy adventuring!

Nami Komorebispirit