9 wanderlust-inducing Instagram shots

Japan is a beautiful country so it's no wonder its a popular travel destination. This list will introduce you to a few Instagram's that capture this beauty . From cute animals to epic landscapes, there is something for everybody!
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@justinjapan shares photos of Japanese culture, food, and travel spots. Photos are submitted for selection by using the tag #justinjapan. This epic over head shot of Shibuya crossing is one of my favorites.
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@japanloverme is run by the website and store of the same name . Shots are submitted to this Instagram account by using the tag #japanloverme. This cute as a button photo was taken by the user @merryflower. 
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@itchban is run by an  Australian Photographer named Benjamin Lee. It features many epic photos of Japan like the one above . 

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@nobu_112_ is  run by a photographer based in Osaka and Kyoto . Anyone interested in Japan will enjoy checking out their jewel toned imagery. 

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@kitsunekun is the Instagram of a photographer called Kathryn B . If you like soft pastel colors and quirky photos you should definitely have a look at her work . 
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@yuji87 is the photographer Yuji Hirai's Instagram. His images of Japan will make you feel immersed in daily life there. 
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@tokyofashion brings you daily Japanese street fashion pictures from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of Tokyo. This is a must see for anyone intrigued by street fashion and youth culture in Japan. 

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@tatsuphotos is run by the photographer and youtuber Tatsu. His images of Japan will introduce you to new destinations and make you want to get off the beaten track.
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 @hashimuki specializes in photographing the tallest mountain in Japan. His dreamy images will put Mt Fuji at the top of your travel wish list if it wasn't there already . 

Chloe Hamilton