First Time in Yamanashi

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Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Kawaguchi, or Kawaguchi-ko, is one of the five Fuji lakes that surround the volcano. It is the second largest of the five, and is the place of many lakeside resorts and camping areas and windsurfing facilities. In fact, Lake Kawaguchi is the most popular and has a well-developed tourist attraction system. Regardless of the season, Lake Kawaguchi looks beautiful when seen together with Mount Fuji, be it from a boat on the lake, or from a resort window. The best times to visit would be in winter for the views, and summer for the activities, but always make sure to check out the sunrise and sunset.

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Fuji-Q Highland Park
If hiking the tallest mountain in Japan isn’t enough adrenaline for you, you can always visit Fuji-Q Highland; the theme park with a view. Fuji-Q is a theme park located at the base of mount Fuji, where there are numerous record-holding roller coasters and haunted mansions, as well as a kid’s section called Thomas Land, with Thomas the Tank Engine. To get to the park, many people from all around Japan take highway buses, but you can also drive to the amusement park yourself to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji on the way.

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Mount Fuji 
Mount Fuji is by far the most famous and popular symbol of Japan. Yamanashi Prefecture gets most of its tourism from its natural scenery, including Mount Fuji. One popular way of enjoying the volcano is leaving at night, and arriving at the summit to view the sunrise. If you are planning on visiting Mount Fuji, however, be sure to leave prepared! The summit is incredibly cold even during the summer, and there are several stops you can make to rest and rehydrate. Most climbers start from the 5th station, and takes about 5 to 8 hours to ascend to the summit.

Nakagomi Fruit Orchard 
Yamanashi prefecture is also famous for its fruit industry, and there are various fruit farms and orchards that allow visitors to pick their own fruit and take it home with them. In fact, Yamanashi prefecture is known as the “Kingdom of Fruit”. Grapes and Peaches are Yamanashi’s primary produce, but they are also known for producing cherries, strawberries, blueberries and apples. The best season to go fruit picking depends on the fruit of choice, but in any case, fruits freshly picked will always be sweeter and tastier than ones bought at the market. 

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