Treat Yourself To Some Unique Yummies

It's nice to treat yourself once in a while, so why not eat some uniqle and pretty sweets.
Japan has a never ending list of unique cafes, so it's really had to choose just one to visit ,
even on the streets you can find small stores that sells unique and yummy sweets.

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Tamagoya Cafe Brunch
Why this cafe is more special than the normal cafes, well if your a fan of eggs and pancakes , be sure to pop in Tamagoya.
Do you love Eggs , have you ever wanted to eat a massive egg?
well like there cafe name (Tamagoya) its gotta have a tama (egg) related sweet.

Sorry to fool you but this tamago is actually a pancake!, the real part thats egg is actually the yolk , its a sauce made with real egg yolk and also you can pop the sauce for a real yolk spilling effect , also the white part is Milk Sauce , mixed with a little bit of egg.
The pancake also includes a corn potage, sausage and salad
Weekdays served at 9:30-3:30
Weekends served at 9:30-4:30

Not a fan of a massive egg no problem , have a try of their Foundue

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Tamagoya Fondue
Tired of the usual Cheese or Chocolate Fondue ?
A winter special menu item, which is a Hot Egg Chocolate sauce, so try dipping some marshmallows, fruits.
not sure if the cute mini walnut pancake in a mini pan is included though.
Best thing is that you'll be given a small cup of hot milk,  which you can use the leftover sauce to put into your hot milk,  , so no leftovers yay
Also you can choose from two flavours of egg sauce , green tea and vanilla.

If you want to eat some food or desserts, you can order some cakes and egg dishes as well.
Perfect for egg lovers!

* also celebrating their 1st year anniversary , you can buy some freshly made baumkuchen cake , which is recommended to eat within 30 mins.

Location:  322−1 Shizuoka-ken, Mishima-shi, Yasuhisa

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Roll Ice Cream Factory
Everyone loves ice cream but have you tried Rolled Ice Cream?
A popular ice cream place in Harajuku.
This ice cream store specializes in made to order custom ice cream , by choosing different flavours and toppings , make it your own special icy treat.
Made on a New York style cold plate , roll ice cream was discovered in Thailand orginally.
Its not only good to look at while in making or finish , its also a perfect ice cream to upload on insta and is popular among girls.

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Flavours : Honey Flash , Amercian Dream, Yokan Whispers, Hawaiian Monkey, Berry Cute, Cookie Monster, Green Tea Kiss and Banana Spilt.
During different seasons , special limited ice cream flavours

Location: 4-28-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Mug PoP
Not into sweets no worries treat yourself to some 100 yen  coffee, what is special about it is you can choose your own cup , made by ceramics , pottery artists.
So you can enjoy drinking and relaxing with a special one of a kind cup.

Location: B, 1F, 1-8-25, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo



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